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Scandal Recap: “The Fluffer”

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Mutually Assured Duplicity

The Grant and Langston campaigns started smearing one another in the press.  Langston orchestrated Fitz’s faux-mistress writing a salacious tell-all.  In return, Cyrus (Jeff Perry) leaked that Sally’s (Kate Burton) young daughter had an abortion at 13. 

All they ended up with, however, was Reston (Tom Amandes) being the clear favorite to win the election.  Olivia (Kerry Washington) ordered them to team up and take out Reston, in order to make it a two-candidate race. 

Leo (Paul Adelstein) and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) were put on the case.  Olivia gave them Reston’s old case file, which showed he deliberately murdered his wife’s lover, although the wife was in jail for his involuntary manslaughter. 

Leo and Abby showed the file to her in jail.  Later, she confronted her husband.  He revealed himself to be a cold, calculated killer, and threatened to have her committed after he became POTUS.  Abby had the entire convo recorded and leaked it.  Reston was no longer going to be President.

Fickle Fitz

Olivia was not dealing well with being confronted with Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) lingering feelings for Mellie (Bellamy Young).  Since they couldn’t kick Andrew (Jon Tenney) off the ticket, she was tasked with getting him to stop sleeping with Mellie. 

Andrew told Liv and Mellie he was in love with FLOTUS, and wanted to continue the affair.  Privately, Liv told Andrew if he didn’t give her up, she’d destroy his career and run him out of town.  No way would Mellie want to be with some nobody. 

Andrew was outraged, but told Mellie he chose Fitz.  Mellie was devastated.  She stormed into the Oval and slapped him hard across the face.  Because Fitz was still being cruel to her, Mellie had decided to keep seeing Andrew.  Now, she had nothing. 

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Going for Broke

Per Huck’s (Guillermo Diaz) directive, Olivia seduced Jake (Scott Foley).  This was so she could gain access to his cell phone, so Huck could gain entrance to B613’s secret files and steal their money. 

Meanwhile, Maya’s (Khandi Alexander) lover, played by Sebastian Roche, brought a giant bomb to her and Adnan (Nazanin Boniadi), so they could blow up the President.  Jake was surveilling them, but before he could find out the full details, B613 lost all power after Huck shut them down.

A furious Jake stormed into Olivia’s office, just as she was toasting with her team about how awesome they all were.  He immediately threw her into a choke hold and demanded to know what they did. 

Olivia played dumb, until Jake dropped a bomb.  Her actions just cost the President his life.  Then, Olivia looked horrified. 

It would be great if Olivia thought her plans through before acting on them.  She never seems to consider the consequences.  Becoming the President’s lover, rigging a Presidential election, shutting down a covert government agency that protects the country…they have huge consequences.  Before she embarks on anything major again, I just really hope Liv considers all the outcomes first! 

Other Thoughts:

Why was Olivia all of a sudden able to break confidentiality and expose Reston, when her hands had been tied initially?  Will this come back to haunt her? 

How fabulous were Leo and Abby together?  If all that eye sex was an indicator, Abby might soon be kicking David (Joshua Malina) to the curb.

Charlie (George Newbern) began to doubt Quinn’s (Katie Lowes) commitment to Sparkle Motion, I mean, to their relationship and B613.

What was more awkward—your family’s last Thanksgiving, or that dinner Liv had with her crazy, spy parents?

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