Perkie's Observations: Madeline Attacks Sam on General Hospital


Dr Obrecht tells Britt to come and get Ben because she has a plan in place for them to escape.  Liesl explains that she’s trying to make things up to Britt. Giving her Ben is how she’s doing it.  Britt agrees to come and get the baby. 

Dante tells Lulu that he’s getting a court order to do surveillance on Britt, in hopes of it leading to Ben.  Lulu continues to worry, but Nikolas reassures her that Ben will come home.  Lulu mentions how comforting Liz was and knows that Nikolas tried to apologize. 

Nikolas complains that he pushed Liz into Ric’s arms, but lulu tells him that Ric didn’t spend the night.  Nikolas wonders who was at Liz’ house if it wasn’t Ric. 

Nathan, Sam and Silas prepare to set up Ava, by having an undercover cop pose as Nakamura.  Nathan gets a call that the cops have been reassigned, so Sam decides she’ll play the part.  Silas worries that she’ll get hurt and volunteers, until he gets called to the hospital.  Sam lies down in bed and prepares to be attacked. 

Morgan runs into Ava as she’s leaving the gallery. He notices she’s distracted and upset.  Ava claims she doesn’t want Julian to see them together, but Morgan says he waited till Julian left. 

Morgan tells her that she can trust him, and then sees the newspaper article about Nakamura.  Morgan questions whether Ava killed the pharmacist, but she claims it was Silas.  Morgan tells her again to trust him, but Ava tells him to let it go.  Morgan warns that he can’t have a relationship like this, despite his love for her. 

Britt tells Brad that her mother has set up a new life for her and Ben.  Brad wonders if she’ll take it.  Britt says she has nothing left here and she wants her son.  Britt thanks Brad for being a friend. 

Shawn accuses Jordan of purposely going to work for his enemy. Jordan reminds him that not everything is about him.  Shawn accuses her of being back to her old tricks and pretending to be innocent.  Jordan swears that part of her life is over. 

Lucas runs into Felix and tells him that he broke up with Brad and why.  Felix is shocked that Brad was that involved in the scam, but realizes that Brad was going to tell him.  Lucas points out that Brad kept the secret, even after Lante knew they couldn’t have any more children, but Felix understands. 

Liz says Ben doesn’t belong with Britt, but Liesl feels strongly that Ben is Britt’s son.  Liz questions whether Britt will get a pang of conscience.  Liesl is certain she won’t. 

Britt shows up at the PCPD. 

Nikolas goes to Liz and asks who was there earlier if it wasn’t Ric.  Dr Obrecht shows herself.

Sam and Nathan wait for Ava to show up.  Ava goes to the hospital to talk to Silas.  Someone attacks Sam.  Turns out to be Madeline.