SPOILERS: Is Jack Ready to Move on From Phyllis on The Young and the Restless?

Jack/Kelly:  Abby isn’t the only one against this relationship. Summer is not amused by Jack and Kelly’s newfound friendship. Later, Abby has a chat with Old Smilin’ Jack about Kelly. He claims he’s all about keeping her far from Billy, plus he's still in love with Phyllis.


Sharon/Chelsea: Adam’s "death" brings his former spouses closer together.

Nick/Sharon: Nick decides to help Sharon de-stress by running a bath for her. Look for the gesture to get a bit steamy, Shick fans.

Dylan/Avery: The legal vixen receives a call from the Innocence Foundation to help on a court case. Dylan implores Avery to work on her cooking instead of the case. It seems the war veteran is troubled this latest job may put his lady love in harm’s way.

Colin/Jill: The Mobster is on a quest to show the Fenmore heiress he’s in love with her and doesn’t have an agenda.

Dylan: He comes face-to-face with Ian.

Chelsea: Rick and Caroline Forrester appear at her fashion show.

Kevin: He lays his heart on the line with Chloe.

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins heat things up.