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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Offers to Sacrifice Himself For Elizabeth on General Hospital

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Sam accuses Madeline of putting Nina in a coma.  Madeline’s quick to pretend she doesn’t understand, but Sam says they set her up and she fell into the trap.  Nathan tells Sam Madeline is his mother and Nina was his sister. 

Madeline swears she didn’t do anything, but Sam claims she came to finish what she started.  Nathan demands to know why she did what she did to Nina. 

Ava tells Silas that Nakamura is alive and will talk. She insists he should get to the hotel to finish him off.  Silas tells her he wasn’t the one who hurt either Nina or Nakamura and realizes Ava wasn’t the one either. 

Nikolas is surprised when Dr. Obrecht shows herself and grabs Liz.  Nikolas offers to switch with Liz, but Liesl orders him inside along with Liz.  Liesl explains her plan of giving Britt the baby and leaving the country where no one will find them. 

Dr Obrecht accuses Nikolas of betraying Britt after she devoted her life to him.  She plans to shoot Nikolas, until Liz tells her that Britt wouldn’t forgive her. 

Ric tells Julian that Sonny’s suspicious of Ric because someone has an ax to grind with him.  Ric decides to resign as Julian’s lawyer saying he’s tired of making mistakes and wants a better life with Molly.  Alexis arrives, so Ric heads out.

Tracy wonders why Luke isn’t more upset that his grandson has been kidnapped.  Luke claims he has a plan in the works to help Lulu and Dante.  Luke tells Tracy that he got her a birthday gift, a piece of art from the Jeromes.  Tracy’s not happy, since Julian is a gangster. 

Luke says the gift is being framed for her office and asks for his own office. He says he wants to work with her at ELQ in order to spend more time with her.  Tracy’s surprised and wonders what his agenda is.  Luke claims he just wants more time with her.  Tracy agrees to think about it. 

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Britt tells Lante that her mother called and is at Liz’s with Ben.   Dante wonders if they’re being double crossed. Britt swears she wouldn’t help her mother, despite her love for Ben.

Lulu wants to go, but Dante says he’ll bring Britt to help draw Liesl out.  Britt reassures him that she can be trusted.   

Julian wonders where their relationship is going, but Alexis says she’s concerned about Molly.  Julian asks if it was a one-time thing, but Alexis admits that it wasn’t.  She feels she’s being a hypocrite since she broke up with Shawn because he was a gangster.  Julian says she broke up with Shawn because he wasn’t the right guy and they need to give it another shot. 

Alexis admits that she wants to move forward. Julian says he’ll give her whatever she needs.  The two kiss and make out.

Morgan finds Ava at the hospital, saying he was worried about her.  He asks if she still has feelings for Silas.  Ava says she had a life before Morgan and she’ll always have feelings for Silas because of Kiki.  

Luke runs into Ric. He tells him that Sonny wants him dead and warns him to watch his back. 

Silas gets to the hotel and is surprised to see Madeline.  Sam explains what happened and that Nathan is Nina’s brother.  Silas remembers a brother, but that Madeline wouldn’t let him visit.  Nathan explains he changed his name in order to work the case.

Nathan demands to know why his mother was trying to get rid of Nina.  Madeline admits she was trying to get rid of her baby. 

Dr. Obrecht plans on shooting Liz as Britt arrives at Liz’s door while Dante and the police stand by.