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Top 5 Moments from Once Upon A Time's "It's Not Easy Being Green"

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The heart, both literally and figuratively, shaped the outcome of many of the events this past Sunday in Storybrooke. Check out the Top 5 Moments from Once Upon A Time’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.


Put On A Good Face

In a flashback sequence, a young Zelena (Rebecca Mader) shaved her father’s face with a knife. He was grumpy, but advised her to always put on a good face despite how she’s feeling on the inside. Zelena accidentally nicked her father shaving, and magically made a napkin appear to wipe his face.

However, he erupted into anger about her wicked powers. He coldly told Zelena she is not his daughter, because she was found on the side of the road after a tornado. He admitted she drove him to drink, and ordered her to fix him breakfast. A heartbroken Zelena refused, and left to find the powerful Wizard of Oz to help her with magic.


Green With Envy

At the request of The Wizard of Oz (Christopher Gorham), Zelena visited Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle). She informed Rumpel she was Cora’s first-born daughter. He didn’t believe her at first, but soon confirmed it by magic. He informed Zelena he needed one of Cora’s (Barbara Hershey) daughters to complete a curse he was concocting. Zelena begged Rumpel to train her, just like he’s been training Regina (Lana Parrilla). He agreed, and they began to work on her magic.

After a training session, Zelena made Rumpel dinner, but he didn’t want it because he had to train Regina. Zelena became enraged he was still working with Regina, because she wasn’t the most powerful witch. Zelena launched into a tirade about Regina, and a green spot appeared on her neck. She was literally turning green with envy! Rumpel advised her to follow her father’s advice and put on a good face.

However, Zelena didn’t listen and attempted to kill Regina with a knife. The second she slit Regina’s throat, a green cloud of smoke appeared and Rumpel stepped out from it. He informed her Regina had the job of casting the curse, because Zelena failed her test. The green spot on Zelena’s neck spread to her face. I believe we all know how this one ends.

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Regina Gives Her Heart Away

After Regina’s battle with Zelena, she retuned to the spot where she buried her heart. Proudly, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) came out from the shadows with his bow and arrow and greeted her. He guarded her heart from any danger. Regina recounted the previous events of the evening to him, and he gave her the heart. Regina thought about where she else she could hide it, but ultimately returned it to Robin for safekeeping. Robin questioned Regina giving him something so valuable, because he’s thief. Regina replied, “You can’t steal something that’s been given to you”. Well, aren’t they adorable?


The Not So Powerful Wizard of Oz

A furious Zelena returned to The Wizard of Oz after her fall out with Rumpelstiltskin. She demanded he send her back in time to change the past. The Wizard informed Zelena her request was impossible, because his magic had limits. Zelena wasn’t pleased with his answer, and used her magic on him.

Suddenly, the curtain fell in front of her and The Wizard was exposed as a man in front a machine. The man was none of than Walsh, Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) boyfriend from New York! Zelena drug him by the feet, and he explained he was an old circus man from Kansas. Walsh didn’t have any magic, but had collected several magic items over the years by being The Wizard. Zelena was disgusted by Walsh, and had no use for him in his current human state. She needed someone to do her bidding without question, like a trained circus animal. Walsh called Zelena evil, and she corrected him and stated she was wicked. Zelena turned Walsh into a flying monkey, and peeked in on Rumple training a young Regina. Zelena became so filled with envy; she completely turned green and vowed vengeance against Regina.


The Heartless Evil Queen

There was a magic showdown in the middle of Storybrooke between The Evil Queen and The Wicked Witch. Before they began, TEQ demanded to know why TWW disliked her so much. TWW replied it was because she was born. TEQ punched TWW in the face, and the fight was on. TWW magically slammed TEQ into a car, and TEQ came back with a fireball. However, TWW turned the fireball green and magically launched TEQ into the Storybrooke clock tower. TWW appeared in the tower and got in TEQ’s face. TEQ suggested TWW kill her, but TWW refused. She just wanted to destroy her by taking her heart.

TWW reached into TEQ’s chest to take her heart, but found nothing. TEQ knew better than to take her heart to a witch fight. A furious TWW flew away on her broomstick, and the rest of Storybrooke joined TEQ in the tower. TEQ realized Zelena was gathering ingredients for spell when she wanted her heart. She already has David’s (Josh Dallas) courage. TEQ believed they needed to find out what Zelena has in mind for them.