Days of Our Lives and General Hospital Grab Younger Eyeballs

Younger women can't seem to get enough of diabolical, embryo-snatching physicians and/or a trio of multigenerational Midwestern women attempting to drown a sociopath in a lake. According to a new report from Variety, both General Hospital and Days of Our Lives have seen spikes among younger female viewers over the previous year!  


From the article:

“General Hospital,” for example, has grown from last year by 9% in total viewership (to 3.32 million) but it’s also up by 19% in women 25-54 and by 11% among those 12-34, according to Nielsen. As a result, its median age of 55.5 for the current season is down from 56.1 a year ago.

“Days of Our Lives” is up 10% (to about 3 million viewers), but its biggest gains are among females 12-34; its median age of 57.8 is nearly one full year lower than last year.

Sudsers managing to shave digits off their median age in the era of multiplatform viewing? That's definitely something to write home to Madison Avenue about!

Older skewing Tiffany network soaps, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, were also cited for their respective gains over the previous year. Y&R averages an impressive 5.3 million viewers. Kid sister B&B has roughly 4 million people tuning in for its incestuous antics five-days-a-week.