Perkie's Observations: Maxie is Home on General Hospital


Britt knocks on Liz’s door and announces herself to her mother. Liesl orders Liz to get the baby and for Nikolas to open the door.


Britt demands to know why her mother is holding a gun on Nikolas, then asks about the baby. Nikolas is angry Britt will take the baby and run. Britt claims she’s doing what’s best for the baby. Liesl hands her a bag and says it contains everything she needs to start a new life.

Nathan is shocked to hear Nina was pregnant. Madeline claims she had to make the baby disappear, because the affair destroyed Nina.

Silas accuses her of doing it to hang on to the money. Nathan wonders about the connection with Nakamura.

Silas says Madeline knew the pharmacist, since she used to pick up some of Nina’s prescriptions. Madeline swears she never meant to hurt Nina. She was trying to help her. She begs Nathan to understand, but he places her under arrest and takes her to the station.

Silas is angry with himself for being a terrible husband. Sam says he can start to heal.

Franco is upset Carly seems to be avoiding him. She claims she was helping Michael make funeral arrangements.

Franco wants to know what she and Sonny are hiding. He reminds her secrets are destructive, and asks if Carly trusts him. Carly says she does, but doesn’t want him involved for his own protection.

Franco deduces she knows who shot AJ. He thinks it was Sonny. Carly admits it.

Lulu gets tired of waiting. Anna stops her from leaving. Dante’s focus will be split if she goes.

Lulu says Anna doesn’t understand. Anna tells her Robin was taken as a child. Lulu needs to have faith she’ll hold her baby again.

Olivia is thrilled Ben may possibly be coming home. She wonders why Sonny seems so distracted.

Sonny says he’s dealing with Michael’s pain. Olivia promises they’ll help Michael deal with AJ’s death and Dante will find the shooter.

Liz hands Britt the baby. She announces she safely has Ben. Dante and the police storm in.

Britt admits she brought the police and was wearing a wire. She has her mother’s confession.

Liesl and Nikolas fight over the gun, which goes off and shoots Liz in the arm. Dante drags Liesl off, as Nikolas and Britt work to help Elizabeth.

Dante brings Ben to Lulu. Liesl is put in a holding cell beside Madeline. The two recognize each other. Nathan goes home to find Maxie has returned.