Perkie's Observations: It's a Westbourne Family Reunion on General Hospital


Liz is brought into the hospital. Nikolas worries she won't survive.


He begrudgingly thanks Britt for her help, but then accuses her of causing this whole thing. Britt apologizes and swears her love for him wasn’t a lie.

Liesl is shocked to see Madeline, who happens to be her older sister. Liesl complains Madeline left Zurich and forgot where she came from.

Madeline had to make a new life for herself. She wonders what Liesl did to get put in jail.

Liesl said she did it for her daughter. Madeline mentions losing her daughter. Liesl claims she understands.

Nathan is surprised to see Maxie is back and even more surprised to see the man she came home with. Levi is quick to get into Nathan’s face and under his skin. 

Maxie thanks Levi for helping her on her journey. Franco is thrilled to hear Sonny shot AJ, since he thinks he’ll now have something to hold over Sonny.

Carly stops Franco from calling the police. She asks him to keep quiet for her and Michael. Franco agrees.

Carly says Ava was also involved. She's certain Ava is hiding something.

Dante, Lulu and Ben have a happy reunion. Dante explains how things went down, and Liz being shot.

Lulu is upset to hear  about Liz. She was instrumental in them getting Ben back.

Olivia is relieved to hear Ben is coming home, but understands Sonny is still worried about Michael. She tells Sonny he needs to let go of his guilt.

After Olivia leaves, Sonny tells Ava that Carly knows the truth.  AJ woke up and told her.

Ava worries about what else AJ said. Sonny assures her she has nothing to worry about. Carly promised to stay quiet.

Britt goes to the station and asks to say goodbye to Ben. Lulu agrees and Britt has her final moment.

The doctor assures Nikolas that Liz will be fine. He apologizes to Liz for what happened. Liz accepts and is glad he’s okay.

Nathan pays Madeline a visit, determined to get answers from her. He wants to know why his father disinherited them and left everything to Nina. Nathan storms off when his mother doesn’t give him answers. Liesl announces Nathan is her son.