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Jane Pauley Joins CBS Sunday Morning

There goes my dream of Jane Pauley replacing Babs on The View. At his annual Schieffer Symposium on the News, CBS News veteran Bob Schieffer announced the former Today host is joining The Tiffany Network. Pauley, who was with NBC for 40 years, will serve as a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning.


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This marks a return to her roots for Pauley, who began her journalism career at a CBS affiliate in Indiana back in 1972. Said Pauley at Schieffer's event:

"CBS is the reason I had a 40-year career at NBC," she said. On the Midwestern station, “I followed 'M.A.S.H', `All The Family,' 'Mary Tyler Moore', 'Bob Newhart,' 'The Carol Burnett Show' … so thanks to CBS was the most watched newscast in Indiana. So if anybody from out of town was watching television that night, they were watching me. And sure enough a week later I get a phone call. `Ms. Pauley, I'm sorry, I don't know your first name. But I hear you're pretty good.' So if it weren't for that CBS Saturday night lineup that I followed, I would never have had a career in network television. So I've kind of come back home."

I grew up watching Pauley on Today, and she remains one of my fave TV journos. I will definitely be tuning in for her reporting on CBS Sunday Morning.

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