Perkie's Observations: Secret Siblings Bond on General Hospital


Liesl can’t believe she just saw her son. Madeline is quick to say Liesl gave him to her and never looked back.


Liesl claims it was the hardest decision she’s ever made and had no choice. Madeline reminds her she chose to run off with Faison, forgetting she had a son.

Liesl says her sister is rewriting history to serve her purposes. Madeline warns her to leave Nathan alone and focus on Britt.

Liesl questions why Nathan doesn’t use the name he was given at birth. She wonders what Madeline did to make him so angry with her.

Madeline blames Silas. Liesl realizes Madeline killed Nina. She thinks she should tell Nathan she’s his mother. Liesl wants Nathan to get to know his sister Britt.

Nathan recognizes Britt and explains he’s Dante’s partner. Britt admits she misses Ben and doesn’t know how to be without him.

Nathan assures her she did the right thing in giving him back. Britt complains she almost had it all, but knew she was living on borrowed time. She blames Liz for interfering and bad mouthing her.

Britt admits she ended up hurting Nikolas. Nathan counters with his mother killing his sister.

Nathan says it was all about the money. His mother lied and manipulated him his whole life.

Britt says it sounds like her mother and tells her own stories. The two bond.

Liz accepts Nikolas' apology. She asks about his feelings for Britt.

She points out his feelings didn’t simply disappear. Nikolas says he isn’t in love with Britt anymore. He’s furious with her, especially since Spencer adores her as well.

Nikolas wonders why Liz is pushing him back to Britt. Liz says he needs to be honest with his feelings.

Luke tells Julian that the Sonny situation is being taken care of. He told Ric that Sonny was after him.

Luke feels it will keep Sonny off balance. He won’t suspect who’s really coming after him.

Julian admits it’s a good distraction, but Luke needs to keep him in the loop.

Luke says there’s another drug shipment coming in. He wants Julian to deal with it, so they can launder the money through ELQ.

Sonny gets home to find Ric waiting for him. Ric accuses Sonny of wanting him dead and says Luke told him.

Sonny denies it, but Ric is still angry. Ric says he’s not financing Julian. He even quit working for him. Ric wants peace and warns Sonny he’ll be killing the wrong guy.

Sam and Silas discuss what things would have been like if Nina had the baby. He's happy to have Kiki in his life.

Sam says he’s free now. Silas thanks her for believing in him. He says they can move on now. The two make love.

Sonny summons Luke to his place. He asks what kind of games he’s playing.

Ric gets to the hospital, concerned about Liz. Nathan and Britt decide to leave the bar together.

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