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Scandal Recap: “Flesh and Blood”

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This week’s Scandal saw paternity questions arise, and everyone scramble to keep Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) from blowing up.  Meanwhile, Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) parents probably put her one step closer to the nuthouse. 

OPA Standoff

Fitz, Cyrus (Jeff Perry), and their security joined Jake (Scott Foley), Olivia and her team at her offices. Jake was livid. He accused Olivia of treason. Fitz and Cy agreed she was in the wrong. 

Jake also took this moment to chastise Liv for seducing him, so she could steal the information.  Fitz was not pleased. 

A pompous Eli (Joe Morton) was called in to help find Maya (Khandi Alexander) or her boyfriend Dominic (Sebastian Roche) in order to locate the bomb. Jake stormed out. He refused to work with Eli. He told Olivia she was being naive— her father couldn’t be trusted. 

The Family Pope

A vengeful Eli questioned Dominic via a game of Russian Roulette. Dominic said he didn’t know where the bomb was. 

Eli called Maya and told her if she didn’t tell him where the bomb was, he would kill Dominic. Maya didn’t care.  Eli murdered Dominic right in the middle of Olivia’s offices, to her horror. 

Later, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) were so preoccupied having gross, public sex together they let Maya walk right past them into Olivia’s office. She attacked Eli. A hysterical Liv applied pressure to the wound, while they waited for an ambulance.

Ticking Time Bomb

Everyone thought Maya planned on blowing up Fitz at a speech in Defiance, Ohio, on the eve of the election. Olivia had the place evacuated.

Jake went to David (Joshua Malina) and forced him to find Maya. David complied since he wanted to keep breathing. They found out Maya had murdered the politician Fitz was slated to give the eulogy for. She was planning on blowing up the funeral. 

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Jake immediately told Cyrus, who had an hour to evacuate the church.  Instead, Cyrus decided to keep Fitz preoccupied, and let the bomb detonate as planned. 

Sally (Kate Burton) had wanted to give the eulogy.  She was already at the funeral, along with Leo (Paul Adelstein) and Andrew (Jon Tenney).  Once again, Cyrus was not going to take any chances on making sure Fitz clinched the presidency.  

Drunk Mellie Part Deux

Mellie (Bellamy Young) was handling her forced breakup from Andrew with lots of liquor and snarking at Fitz. To make matters worse, Mellie’s private doctor leaked to the Langston campaign she asked about a paternity test for Jerry (Dylan Minnette). 

Olivia confronted Mellie. She assumed Andrew was the father of one of the Grant kids.

Mellie was offended and distraught. She let slip it was her father-in-law. She begged Olivia to take care of it.  She did, and promised Mellie if she ever wanted a paternity test, she’d get it for her quietly. 

How tacky was Leo bribing Jerry’s unscrupulous girlfriend with a Harvard acceptance, in return for his “genetic material?”  Poor Jerry!   

Line of the Night:  “If we're gonna die, can we do it now, so I don't have to listen to you two?”– Queen (Drunk) Mellie at the Defiance event, when Liv and Fitz bickered. 

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