Should There Be a One Tree Hill Reunion? (POLL)


Would you like to see a One Tree Hill reunion? Many OTH fans would love to see their favorites back on screen. The Huffington Post caught up with former OTH star Chad Michael Murray to talk about the upcoming third season of Chosen, but couldn't help asking if he'd be onboard for a reunion.

Of course I have to ask you, “One Tree Hill,” would you be down for a reunion?

I don’t know anything about it. Please, fill me in!

Outlets have been asking the cast members if they would ever like to have a reunion, make a movie or a little special on the CW …

Oh! Man, I don’t know. I think Mark [Schwahn] did a great job in having Lucas come back in Season 9. It was something I wanted to give the fans. I really wanted to go back and just give them a little swan song while we had that chance. But I think it ended in a really good place.

This is the first I’ve heard about any reunions, so I’d need to sit on it and think about it. But I think that we have the best fans in the world. The “One Tree Hill” fans are incredible and I’m grateful for every moment that I’ve gotten to spend with them and everything that they’ve done. They just followed for years and years and years, God, how many years has it been, 10? Ten or 11 years since that show started, so that unbelievable fan base, I admire them. And they’re still there watching all my new content and now they’re coming over to “Chosen.” I kind of like the fact that we’re all growing together.

Should there be a One Tree Hill reunion?