Sarah Brown on Beacon Hill: "Sort of Like Going Back to College When I Studied Political Science"


Before taking part in General Hospital's recent "Carlypalooza", soap mega star Sarah Brown signed on for quite the political party, by accepting a starring role in Crystal Chappell's Beacon Hill.  In the ambitious online serial, Brown plays hot shot State Representative Katherine Wesley, who shares a steamy past with reporter Sara Preston (All My Children's Alicia Minshew).

Does Brown notice any difference in acting on a web soap, as opposed to a daytime sudser? "No, I wouldn't say there are any differences. The acting process is not different for a web series."

Brown admits there was quite the learning curve involved with becoming versed in Beacon Hill's world of political intrigue.


"It was really interesting and fun. It's been a learning journey that I am on right now exploring government and classes you took in college," said Brown. "It’s sort of like going back to college when I studied political science. There’s a lot of research involved."

All work and no play would make Katherine a lonely politico. Will sexy Sara returning to her life prevent that from happening?

"Well it does affect her work, because Katherine is in a precarious position in the sense of potential conflict between work and her life love life," explained Brown. "Sara’s grandfather, in essence, is the main person that Katherine reports to. And I represent Sarah’s grandfather's district, so there is a lot of conflict of interest in terms of a personal and professional life and the potential to blow cannot be good."

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