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Perkie's Observations: Will Jordan Be Loyal to Shawn or The Jeromes on General Hospital?

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Sonny is happy to read the newspaper article indicating the police haven't found the shooter. He is visited by AJ's ghost, who yells at Sonny for getting away with it. Sonny yells at Ghost AJ to leave him alone, as Duke arrives.


Luke checks in with Julian, who assures him their product is on the street. Tracy overhears Luke. He claims he was discussing her birthday present.

Tracy is surprised Luke is at ELQ. He claims he wants to spend more time with her.

Tracy still isn't certain Luke will be happy there. ELQ is her sanctuary. Luke asks for a chance to prove himself.

Ava is angry with Julian for printing the false story about Nakamura. He was setting her up to be arrested, but she’s innocent.

Julian accuses her of feeding information to Sonny. Ava claims she’s isn’t telling Sonny anything. Julian is sure she’s the leak in their organization. 

Michael finds Carlos looking at the death certificate. Carlos offers his condolences and talks about the Quartermaine break-in. Michael says the police are close to catching the intruder.

Anna tells Dante she found the man who sold the gun the intruder used to try and kill AJ. Anna questions who Franklin sold the gun to, offering him a deal.

Franklin says the man was connected to the mob, but isn’t sure which family. He says he’ll be able to recognize the man who bought the gun.

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Shawn questions Jordan’s motives. She assures him she’s just earning a living and has changed her ways. After she leaves, TJ wonders what the tension is between his mother and Shawn.

Duke questions whether Sonny has a guilty conscience. He offers to be a sounding board, if Sonny wants to discuss what happened with AJ.

Sonny wonders if Duke regrets providing him with an alibi. Duke says he wants to take down Julian. Their secret is safe.

Michael arrives. Duke offers his condolences before heading out.

Michael is upset. Sonny talks about the case stalling. Michael says Anna may have a lead.

Carlos tells Ava what Michael told him. He worries the police will think he shot AJ.

Jordan arrives for her first day of work. She wonders if there is an issue with Julian, because of TJ. Julian promises it’s all in the past.

Luke arrives to pick up Tracy’s painting. He flirts with Jordan.

 Tracy talks to a photo of Edward, promising him Luke has changed. Ned arrives in town for AJ’s funeral.

Tracy tells him she’s marrying Luke and having him work for ELQ. Ned wonders if his mother has lost her mind.

Ned thinks Luke is after her money. Tracy is certain Luke has changed.

Luke arrives with the painting. Ned offers his congratulations on their upcoming wedding, but wants Luke to sign a prenup.