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Perkie's Observations: It's a Boy For Patrick and Sabrina on General Hospital

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Michael wants an update. Dante tells him they know who bought the gun used to attacked AJ.


Anna shows Michael the photo. He recognizes Carlos from the hospital elevator. Michael wonders if either Ava or Julian set it up.

Luke is angry about Ned wanting him to sign a pre-nup. Ned demands proof Luke is marrying Tracy for love and not money.

Luke claims he wants a full partnership. Ned wonders why Luke is pushing so hard against the pre-nup.

Luke wonders where Ned was, while Tracy was dealing with Anthony and AJ. Ned says his mother dealt with them.

Ned believes Luke throws Tracy off her game. Luke accuses Ned of being worried of being cut from the will.

Tracy asks for time alone with Luke. Duke tells Shawn about Julian dealing drugs. He explains how he watched the shipment be delivered. The cocaine is already on the streets.

Shawn tells Duke Jordan did two years in prison for drug dealing. They can’t allow the drugs to move into town.

Duke says he tried to speak with a guilt-ridden Sonny. Duke promises to get more information.

Jordan tells Julian she knows about his drug shipment. She has expertise in that area and can make things run smoothly. Julian thinks Jordan’s wearing a wire.

Carlos is certain the gun can’t be traced back to him. He asks again if Ava’s the one who shot AJ. Ava denies it.

Carlos reminds her AJ could have spilled the beans about Connie. Ava wonders if she was wrong in trusting Carlos with the knowledge she killed Connie.

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Ghost AJ continues to torment Sonny. He angrily throws his glass across the room, nearly hitting Olivia.

Olivia begs Sonny to tell her what’s bothering him, as AJ continues to badger him. Sonny yells to get out of his face.

Sonny apologizes. He tells Olivia he’s dealing with things. He’s taking his meds. He accuses her of trying to be his mother.

Olivia says she is grieving over Connie too, but there’s an ugly part to Sonny. He needs help.

Patrick joins Sabrina for her latest ultrasound. He promises he’ll be there for her and their child.

The doctor asks if they want to know the gender. Both are thrilled to hear they’re having a boy.

Anna and Dante arrest Carlos. Back at the station, Michael angrily yells at the murder suspect.

Anna warns Michael to stop losing his temper. He needs to let them do their job.

Julian wonders what Ava and Carlos are up to. She swears nothing is going on. Ava apologizes to Jordan before heading out.

Julian still thinks Jordan’s wearing a wire. He asks her to strip. She complies.

Tracy wants Luke to sign the pre-nup. Luke believes she’s fixated on their marriage ending. He decides to call the whole thing off.

Carlos claims he knows nothing. Dante tells him the man he bought the gun from sold him out. Carlos needs to tell him if anyone else was in on it, says Dante.

Ava gets a call from Sonny, begging for her help. He’s losing it.

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