Perkie's Observations: Maxie Has Second Thoughts About Evicting Nathan on General Hospital


Luke accuses Tracy of not trusting him. He decides he can’t marry her and asks for his ring back.


Tracy is shocked. Luke says she’s always holding his past against him. hey’re done if she doesn’t back off the pre-nup.

Tracy decides she loves Luke too much to lose him. She won't push the pre-nup. Tracy heads out to tell Ned, while Luke laughs at her expense.

Carlos refuses to speak without his lawyer. Anna points out Diane is nowhere to be found.

Dante asks about the gun. Carlos admits it’s his, but he hasn’t seen it for months.

Anna takes Carlos a bottled water. As she leaves , she tells Dante there was blood found on the vase. She will run a DNA test.

Sonny tells Ava about his ghostly visit from AJ. He can only talk to her about it.

Ava points out Carly knows the truth as well. Sonny says Carly’s not happy with him. She's worried about Michael.

Sonny can’t go to Carly. He worries AJ will make him go to the police. Ava tells him the police are looking at Carlos.

Maxie asks Nathan to move out. She declares he has toxic energy.

Nathan says he’s paid up until the end of the month. He realizes this is Levi’s idea.

Levi repeats Nathan’s energy is too negative. Maxie tells Nathan to stay with Britt.

Nathan explains Britt is his sister. Maxie’s shocked to hear the evil Dr. Obrecht is his biological mother.

Maxie decides Nathan has been through enough. He doesn’t need to leave.

Levi complains, but Maxie points out neither are employed. They need Nathan to pay his rent.

Britt stops by Lulu’s to give her Ben’s prescription. She's surprised to hear Lulu has renamed him.

Lulu tells Britt about possibly dropping the charges against Liesl, because of the missing embryo. Britt claims to know nothing about this, but admits her mother has a lot of secrets.

Lulu doesn’t believe everyone involved will be willing to cut Liesl the deal, especially Liz. Britt comments Liz is happy now. She’s staying with Nikolas.

Lulu says Britt has no one to blame but herself. Britt warns her mother won’t say anything about the embryo unless she has a deal.

Nikolas tells Spencer about Liz and the boys moving in. An angry Spencer behaves rudely towards them.

Nikolas warns his son to treat their guests with kindness, or he’ll take away Spencer’s privileges. Liz says Spencer misses Britt and thinks Nikolas does as well.

Nikolas says he wants nothing to do with Britt. Liz thanks him for inviting her to stay with him. She wants them to remain friends.

Dante tells Anna about Dr. Obrecht and the missing embryo. Anna says there are too many people involved who would have to look the other way. She’ll support him if he wants to give Liesl the deal.