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Scandal Recap: “The Price of Free and Fair Election”

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The Scandal finale potentially saw three characters dying, and another two leaving D.C. on a jet plane. Many of those who remained turned out to be murderers. Although, that’s not a huge shock on this show. Let’s dig in! 

President Sally Langston

Cyrus’ (Jeff Perry) plan failed and the church was almost entirely evacuated by the time the bomb detonated. Sally (Kate Burton), Leo (Paul Adelstein) and Andrew (Jon Tenney) were all safe. 

David (Joshua Malina) and Jake (Scott Foley) knew Cyrus wanted to let everyone die, but Jake didn’t tell the President. Cyrus is a monster, and bad at his job, since the plan didn’t even work!

Leo worked his magic. Sally came out of the whole ordeal looking like a hero, after using the bombs aftermath as the ultimate photo op featuring the veep helping the injured. Just days before the presidential election, Sally was the frontrunner.

Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Cyrus recognized defeat. They told the Grants they would lose. A pissed off Mellie (Bellamy Young) wanted a full refund from Olivia.  “I thought we hired her to win!" she barked. 

Aha Moment

Since he was going to be free of the White House, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) told Olivia they could finally move to Vermont and start a family. Olivia said he couldn’t divorce Mellie and informed Fitz that Mellie had been raped early on in their marriage — by Fitz’s father.

After Fitz processed the news, he went to comfort Mellie. One look at Fitz, and Mellie realized Olivia had spilled the beans. An annoyed Mellie sighed, “Olivia Pope can’t do anything right.” 

Then, she broke down and swore to Fitz how she tried to fight off her attacker. She also revealed the results of the paternity test. Jerry (Dylan Minnette) really was their son. Fitz didn’t care about any of that; he just held Mellie.  Suffice it to say, Vermont status: back off. 

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A Pope Kills a Grant

Jerry collapsed during Fitz’s final campaign speech. The 15-year-old was later pronounced dead at the hospital from an instant-acting strain of bacterial meningitis.  His family was devastated; even as it propelled Grant to clinch the presidency.

Eli (Joe Morton), who’d recovered from his wound, said the death was Maya’s (Khandi Alexander) doing. The meningitis strain had been stolen from a CDC lab earlier in the week. 

Fitz wanted her dead. Eli said he’d take care of it. Later, he said Maya was disposed of, but she was really just back in the B613 dungeons.

"Killing" the murderer of Fitz’s son got Eli his job back as Command at B613. Harrison (Columbus Short) had helped Eli catch Maya, when he learned Maya also killed Adnan (Nazanin Boniadi).  Eli’s restoration to his old position made Harrison realize Eli was the true murderer. 

Via worst Secret Service Agent ever Tom (Brian Letscher), Eli had orchestrated Adnan and Jerry’s deaths to get his job back.  He took Jerry away from Fitz in retaliation for Fitz taking his daughter from him. It looked like Harrison was about to be next on Tom’s hit list. 

It’s really sad that a child died, but it seems ridiculous to kill a character with which viewers have such little emotional investment. This, times infinity for Adnan. It’s truly lazy writing to kill off people with no real impact, and that’s all Scandal seems to do now. 


Early Retirement

After learning her “mother” killed Jerry, Olivia realized she had to leave. She felt like she was the reason for all these problems, and asked her father to reinstate his offer of a private jet ride to a new life.  She told her worker bees they’d be taken care of, and officially shut OPA down for business. 

Although Olivia admitted to being in love with someone else, Jake decided to accompany her. They flew off into the sunset together. Later, Olivia ignored a call from the White House and looked distraught about it. 

For a parting gift, Jake left David all of B613’s classified files with a note to “Get the bad guys.” David looked like he was going to do just that.

Hucked Over

Quinn (Katie Lowes) dumped Charlie (George Newbern) so she could keep getting her sex on in public with Huck (Guillermo Diaz). Charlie was not about to let his ex and enemy get a happy ending. He'd found Huck’s missing family from his old life. 

Quinn encouraged Huck to reach out to his wife and 12-year-old son. The episode ended with the Mrs. opening the door to her “dead” husband. 

This seems like it will be a really boring storyline next year, but let’s hope not. It just feels like “long last family” has already been done on Scandal.  Plus, Charlie and Quinn were actually a fun couple — and had never tortured one another. 

That’s a wrap to a disappointing third season of Scandal.  Maybe we’ll all get lucky and Olivia will wake up in bed next year, with the stories from Season 3 having all been a nightmare?

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