Perkie's Observations: The Walls Close in on Carlos on General Hospital


Ned has the pre-nup papers ready to be signed, but Tracy says Luke doesn’t have to sign them. Ned wants proof Luke isn’t after his mother’s money.


Tracy says Luke was hurt by the suggestion. She feels they’ve bonded. Luke doesn’t care about the money. Ned is certain Luke played his mother.

Sonny continues to be haunted by AJ. Olivia arrives to pick up her things. Sonny apologizes, but continues to refuse to tell her what’s wrong.

Morgan sees the article about Carlos being arrested and questions Ava. She claims Carlos takes orders from Julian.

Morgan questions their relationship. Ava says she loves him. She asks about his feelings for Kiki. Morgan still feels for his ex, but loves her mother.

Carly is convinced Ava is involved with Sonny shooting AJ. Her hunch grows when she learns Carlos has been arrested.

Carly decides she needs to talk to Carlos, despite Franco’s objections. Carly doesn’t trust Ava and wants the truth.

Anna asks why Carlos would go after AJ. He denies being at the mansion. Anna shows him the DNA report. Anna wants to know if the Jeromes sent him to the Quartermaines.

Luke stops by Kiki’s. He asks her why she told Tracy their little secret. Luke says Kiki wants him for herself.

He grabs her. Kiki quickly defends herself, kicking Luke and throwing him out.

Kiki calls Morgan. He promises to deal with Luke.

Spencer tells his driver to take him to Sonny’s. When he gets to the door, he overhears Sonny screaming at AJ's ghost to leave.

Olivia tells Carly something is wrong with Sonny. Even though he isn't acting like himself, he can’t treat her the way he has.

The two enter Franco’s room to find he’s painted all over the walls. Olivia insists on calling the police.

Carly questions why Franco would do this. He tells her he wants to get arrested in order to speak to Carlos in lock-up.

Diane arrives in time to stop Carlos from telling Anna anything. Carlos admits to Diane he broke into the mansion.

Ava calls and warns Carlos to deny everything. Carlos tells her they have his DNA at the scene. He has to cooperate.

Ava tells him he’ll be sorry. Carlos feels safe in police custody. Ava says she can get to Sabrina.

Luke arrives, as Ned is reminding his mother of Luke’s past. Ned warns Luke against hurting Tracy.

Luke threatens Ned in return. If he tries to stop the wedding, he’ll kill him.

Spencer arrives and tells Luke he knows everything.