Perkie's Observations: The Children of Port Charles Aren't Safe on General Hospital


Spencer tells Luke he overhead everything Luke said, while plotting against Sonny. Luke decides Spencer is a problem. He’ll have to hurt the child to keep him quiet.


Spencer thinks Luke won’t hurt him, because he’ll have to deal with Nikolas. Luke warns Spencer if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut about what he heard, Emma will pay the price.

Michael asks Sonny to go with him to AJ’s memorial. Sonny doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Michael says the past can’t be undone. AJ never took Sonny’s place. Michael needs to lean on Sonny. Sonny feels he shouldn’t be there, because of Monica.

Franco tells Diane what he’s been charged with. She offers to get the charges dropped. Franco doesn’t want her to. Diane wonders why Franco would want to be locked up.

Ava threatens to hurt Sabrina and the baby, if Carlos doesn’t keep quiet. Carlos doesn’t want to pay for a crime he didn’t commit. Ava questions whose life is worth more to him — his own, or those of Sabrina and her unborn child.

Ric thinks it’s a terrible idea for Liz to live at Wyndemere. Nikolas tells him to mind his own business.

Ric accuses Nikolas of humiliating Liz at the party. Liz breaks up the arguing. She points out Nikolas offered to have her stay while she was on the mend.

Ric wonders why she didn’t ask him for help. He wonders if she moved in hoping she and Nikolas would get back together.

Liz says she’s only there while she gets better. Ric needs to accept it.

Patrick is surprised when Sabrina arrives at his house. Emma invited her to the dance recital.

Patrick thinks Emma’s scared of him, after he lost his temper and broke the Faberge egg. He admits he hasn’t told Emma about Sabrina’s baby being his.

Emma gets home and the two tell her the truth about the baby. Sabrina wonders is Emma is happy to be having a brother. She isn't.

After Michael leaves, AJ appears to Sonny. He taunts him with how much Michael loved him. Sonny betrayed Michael. Sonny decides to support Michael and go to the memorial.

Dante catches Carlos on the phone. Carlos tells Diane he isn't talking. Diane decides she can’t help him.

She tells Dante to put Franco and Carlos together in a cell. Nikolas realizes Spencer is missing.