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'Dorothy Must Die', YA Novel From Ex-Guiding Light Writer Hits NYT Best Sellers List

Who better than a ex-daytime soap opera writer to turn the beloved world of Oz on its head, rebranding beloved Dorothy—she of the scruffy doggy and Kansas coming of age—as a ruthless, power-mad villain?


Former Guiding Light script writer Danielle Page has a bonafide YA hit on her hands with Dorothy Must Die, the first book in a trilogy revisiting the Wizard of Oz mythology. The saga of Amy Gumm, another Kansas teen, chosen to go to Oz and defeat a now-machiavellian Dorothy, recently hit the New York Times Best Sellers List.

The potential franchise could soon land on the small screen. Heroes creator Tim Kring is in talks to bring Dorothy Must Die to The CW. Isn't it awesome when a soaper makes good?

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