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Wishful Casting POLL: Who Should Play General Hospital's Jason Morgan — Rib Hillis, Jason Brooks or Thad Luckinbill?

After a recent Daytime Confidential podcast, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and I got into a spirited debate over which soap hunk should bring The Borg back to Port Charles on ABC Daytime's General Hospital.


After Luke and Jillian laughed hysterically (and quite insensitively I might add!) at my suggestion of Ricky Schroder replacing Steve Burton as Jason Morgan, I decided on The Young and the Restless alum Thad Luckinbill (ex-JT) as my top choice. Sorry, Ricky. We'll always haveSilver Spoons!

"Who is that one guy you always do interviews with, just because you think he's hot?" Luke, ever in need of a dose of memory-enhancing Ginko Biloba, asked.

"Brandon Beemer?" I wondered.

"No, the blonde one," Luke said.

"Oh, Rib Hillis!" I realized instantly and complemented Luke on the brilliance of his suggestion. See there, all of you who constantly tweet me, I can "be nice to Luke"!

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The flaxen-tressed, dreamy-eyed Port Charles and Passions alum—complete with a washboard stomach and intense gaze—would be perfect as Jason. Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Rebecca Herbst (Liz) can thank Luke later!

I have to say though, it was Jillian's suggestion which had me ready to take off my Wishful Casting crown and bow down to the master, er mistress.

"What about Jason Brooks?" she asked almost innocently. We all know how timid our Miss Jillian is!

"Oh my f*@&!*& GAWD," I screeched. "That is f#*@&& BRILLIANT!"

I quickly headed to IMDB to see what the former Days of Our Lives bad boy had going on. Get this, he's playing a bounty hunter named JASON in a flick called Intrepid. If that isn't the Universe speaking to us through Jillian, then I truly don't know what is. I always said she was a Prophetess.

Anyways, since we simply can't decide between our picks. We need your help.

Who do you think should play General Hospital's Jason Morgan?