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SPOILER ALERT: The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Caroline Dries on Enzo and Bonnie’s Fates, "Delena" and The Season Finale

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Warning: This article contains spoilers. Do not read if you have not watched tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Everyone in Mystic Falls was playing the lying game on tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) told Damon (Ian Somerhalder) that Enzo (Michael Malarkey) left town, though the sexy newcomer actually killed himself after learning Damon killed his true love, Maggie.

Bonnie (Kat Graham) hid the fact she's going to die for a second time from her boyfriend Jeremy (Stephen R. McQueen). Damon rescued an unconscious Elena then left before she realized he saved her. At a press screening, Somerhalder and executive producer Caroline Dries discussed how these betrayals will impact the rest of the season, whether the Travelers will succeed at their goal of destroying the Other Side and whether there is hope for Damon and Elena's romance.


Enzo Breaks Through to the Other Side

The episode ended with Enzo's ghost watching Damon. Death will not stop the vampire from plotting revenge on his former best friend. Said Dries, "We purposefully had him show up at the end as a ghost to imply his story isn’t over. So he is going to become kind of this ghost villain moving forward. We’ll see him through all the way to the finale."

Though it has been established ghosts have minimal impact on the living within the vampire universe, Enzo will find a way to wreak havoc from the othe side. Says Dries, "He’s determined to make Damon’s life and Stefan’s life a living hell. We realize how and why he’s able to do that and it’s because what’s happening on the other side is giving him more liberties than some of the other ghosts have had and so his story isn’t just about him being the villain. It’s about us seeing a new set of eyes into this world into this other side world and what’s going to happen over there."

Somerhalder thinks Enzo is overreacting to Maggie's death. "It’s just the same trajectory or the same sensibility that Damon went through with Katherine. It’s that deep, deep love. I mean, if you love someone when you’re 20 and you carry that love with you until you’re 90, it’s not going to be the same dynamic. But unfortunately, these dudes don’t die and that memory is so fresh. She would have been an elderly lady at that point, but he just wanted to see her. It’s just a delicate thing because I guess Damon knows how volatile he is. I just wish Damon could shake him and say, 'Yo dude. You’re being a little unreasonable here. She tried to kill me. I wasn’t going back there you crazy bastard. Let it go. Let’s go have some drinks and let’s go to a strip club and get this done."


Don't Count Delena Out

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Elena's lie to Damon seemed like another nail in their relationship's coffin. But next week, they won't be able to avoid each other. "In the next episode we purposefully throw them into a world together where they can’t help but be on top of each other, the cabin in the woods story. They can’t be away from each other. They can’t be close to each other. So we’re just trying to play into the drama of them together in weird purgatory, where it’s like how do you act when you can’t escape each other?"

According to Somerhalder, no matter what Damon and Elena say or do, their connection cannot be denied. "Every time one is in the room with the other, it’s like you don’t have to say anything, but there’s tension and the chemistry exists and I think that’s what makes them as a couple so powerful even if it’s just the storyline is them not dating, it’s actually a love story."

The Travelers Plan Will Make Sense

The Travelers proved hybrid blood could turn supernaturals back into humans. If their plan succeeds, every vampire in the world will die.

This development created a bit of a logical concundrum, given the Passengers are also supernatural. Dries promises by the end of the season, everything will make sense. "For them, passengering into 25 innocent people is worth all of the travelers finding a home. That is answered in episode 21. All travelers want is to exist in a community that they can call a home. We’ve only seen them living in abandoned train yards and department stores and they have to leave after how ever many days."

Bonnie and Jeremy


Bonnie's silence about her impending doom will continue. Says Dries, "We thought a lot about that and were like, 'How can we play this out? What would Jeremy’s reaction be when he finds out she’s destined to die?' This is a little bit of a spoiler, but we decided what if Jeremy doesn’t find out? Is that a nicer gift for him to have since he’s gone through Bonnie dying, or almost dying a couple times? It’s like she’s been through this before. So what if she changes it up, and is kind of like, I’m living on borrowed time anyway. I’m not supposed to be back here. So why don’t I just treat every day as a gift and not be putting this burden on other people? You might say she’s martyr, but it’s just her way of coping."

Caroline Fights Her Feelings

This season, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) broke up. She also had a one night stand with Klaus. But, as many fans have noticed, she has also grown closer to Stefan. Dries hints, "I think she’s got a relationship/crush feelings for someone that are going to creep up to the surface and that is going to cause a potential rift between her and one of her friends so she’s just going to be like, “I’m going to push that down.’ It’s going to be a little bit under the surface and then moving into season six, we’re going to see her actually set her sights on [him]and make the move."

The Finale and Season Six

The Vampire Diaries always has epic season finales. This year will be no exception. Dries teases, "Pushing towards the finale, they have a united cause because The Travelers are trying to push away their home, and that’s something that they rally around. In the mean time, the other side is falling apart. So the question is, what’s going to happen to Bonnie? What’s going to happen to our friends who are over there who we occasionally check in with. Are they just going to go away? They have these things spiraling out of control around them. Hopefully what you’ll feel when you see the finale is that it’s like this giant thing happens."

Thanks to an early renewal, the writers are already planning the next season. "We’re breaking Season 6 right now in the writers room and we kind of start with everyone in a different orbit in a way. So Season 6 will be a lot of bringing people back together and picking up the pieces."