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SPOILERS: Will a Genoa City Hunk Be Passing Out Cigars on The Young and the Restless?

Jill/Colin: The spitfire is determined to bust Colin.


Victor/Nikki: Nikki is enraged by Victor's latest stunt. While she can't stand Sharon, she thinks Victor using their dead granddaughter to mess with Sharon's mind is heinous. Are these two about to be singing "End of the Road" yet again?

Dylan/Avery: The lovebirds butt heads over Ian.

Summer: The troubled heiress is not thrilled when she finds out Jack is seeing Kelly. Also, watch for Victor to issue a warning about Summer trusting Sharon.

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Sharon/Fake Cassie: While most of the Newmans are furious with Cassie's doppelganger, Sharon is drawn to the young woman. Will she discover why she looks so much like her daughter? Speaking of Not-Quite-Cassie, does she share a past with someone else in Genoa City?  

Stitch/Victoria/Billy: When the Newman heiress gets sick to her stomach, does it mean someone's about to hear the pitter-patter of little feet?

Chloe/Billy: Since Billy and Chloe made such a perfect kid the first time around, Chloe wants them to do it again! Will Billy comply?

Devon/Neil/Hilary/Lily: The Winters kids are about to be stunned by their daddy's steamy entanglement.

Paul/Cricket: Is it already the end for the newlyweds?