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Wishful Storytelling: How Jax, Brook Lynn, The Brownstone, Billy Miller and The Left-Handed Boy Could Heat Up General Hospital

Summer is almost upon us. Since the hot, steamy months are usually meant for ramped up arcs, I'm going to be doing a little Wishful Storytelling on what I would like to see from all four of our current daytime sudsers come June, July and August. This week, I'm tackling General Hospital.


I get grieving, boy wonder Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) needing to find out who killed his bio dad in Port Charles, New York. However, I'd much rather watch him inherit a troubled AJ's (Sean Kanan) shares at ELQ and vow to do what his father never could — stake his rightful claim to the family empire. Sure, Michael would be no match for Tracy (Jane Elliott), but it would be fun to see him try to best his manipulative great aunt!

Aussie corporate raider Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) returns to Port Charles with an agenda. He hires favorite stepson Morgan (Bryan Craig) at J & J Jacks.

Jax worked so hard to keep Morgan away from Sonny's (Maurice Benard) criminal lifestyle, when the young man was a child. He's none too pleased, once he learns about Morgan bedding mother and daughter mob molls, not to mention his short-lived stint with the Jerome crime family. Sonny, fresh from almost losing Michael to AJ, doesn't welcome another man trying to take his place.

Morgan at Jax's company and Michael at ELQ effectively pits Port Charles' latest version of Cane and Abel against one another on the corporate battlefield, with Tracy and Jax serving as senior puppet masters. Ned (Wally Kurth) sticks around as a sage, Obi-Wan Kenobi for Michael, warning him not to lose his soul—and his relationship with his brother—in the battle for ELQ and Wall Street supremacy. Ned regrets battling AJ for the company. The two should have been bonding as cousins.

Jax revisits his mid-90's efforts to seize control of ELQ. He's well aware how many family firms fail once the founder passes away. With Edward (the late John Ingle) gone, ELQ is ripe for a takeover. 

Jax doesn't contend on Carly (Laura Wright) being a spoiler. She stumbles upon proof of Jax using funds from a trust he and Carly set up jointly for Josslyn, to acquire blocks of stock in ELQ. Carly enlists Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) to have her named co-executor of Joss's trust, and therefore in possession of half of Jax's considerable ELQ stake.

Why, in my lil' Wishful Storytelling jaunt, would Carly be ticked enough at Jax she needs to take corporate-level revenge? Because he runs Franco (Roger Howarth) out of town on a rail!


Jax threatens to sue Carly for full custody of their daughter, if she doesn't stop giving head to serial killers. Franco, not wanting to cause Carly one more second of pain, does the noble thing and beats a hasty (and permanent) retreat from Port Charles.

Tracy and Jax are both salivating to acquire a company held as part of the late Dominque Taub's estate. Enter a newly-legal, billionaire heiress Serena Baldwin (As The World Turns'Meredith Hagner).

Tracy and Jax put Michael and Morgan up to the task of pursuing the young woman, each hoping their strapping lads can convince Serena to sell her corporation to their respective firms. Scott (Kin Shriner) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) join in the multi-generational corporate intrigue, as Serena's parents vow to protect her from Sonny and Carly's spawn.

Jax, knowing Lucy's attempt to relaunch Deception Cosmetics with Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) went belly up, tempts her with the opportunity to return as CEO of Jax Cosmetics — that is if she can convince Serena to sell to him. 

Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman), as Michael and Morgan's grandmother, doesn't take too kindly to the colorful, mean-spirited language Scott uses when describing her grandsons! Could this be the end for the old flames, before they even started back up good?

As for Kiki (Kristen Alderson), she transforms back into the 20-something bitch who turned sweet, coed Morgan into Cap'n Morgan, the online gambler and sex fiend. That version of Kiki was fun. Starr-Light, Starr-Not-So-Bright isn't.

Kiki faces off with Serena ala Carly vs. Robin in the 90's. Carly takes an immediate liking to Serena—and decides she despises Kiki for ping-ponging back and forth between her boys. Backed into a corner, Kiki begins to embrace her identity as Ava Jerome's daughter.


Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Emmy Rylan) both plan to secretly surprise the other by purchasing their first real home. Lulu sells the Haunted Star to Nathan (Ryan Paevey) to raise the funds.

Anna (Finola Hughes) fires him from the Port Charles Police Department for lying about his real identity, and using his badge to settle a personal vendetta. No longer a cop, Nathan decides to do what he was born to — look pretty while tending bar.

Meanwhile, Dante borrows the money for a down payment from Olivia (Lisa LoCicero). Ma Falconeri sold her half of Metro Court to Jax (itching to stick it to Carly for blocking his ELQ takeover bid), and is now flush with loot!

Dante and Lulu don't realize they're bidding for the same house. Olivia figures it out, and tells them they both had the same idea. Lante decides to pool their resources to purchase their dream home — the old Jones family brownstone.

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No sooner than they tuck their little egglets in for their first night at the Brownstone, does a frantic knock come from the front door. On the other side is Dante's Bensonhurst boyhood crush, Brook Lynn Ashton (Adrienne Leon). She's in trouble and desperately needs Dante's help — for old time's sake.

After leaving Port Charles in disgrace, Brook Lynn fell in with an insanely rich, Arab luxury goods mogul. He promised to make her an international pop sensation. All he managed to do was hook her on designer drugs, and prostitute her out to his Eurotrash pals. 

Following one particularly unsavory evening, Brook realized her chance to escape. She stabbed the mogul in the neck with a letter opener, and fled Abu Dhabi.

She has no clue if her lover is dead or alive. All she knows is she needs Dante. When he wants to know who assisted her escape from Abu Dhabi, another knock comes from the door. He opens it to find his brother-in-law, Lucky Spencer (Billy Miller).


Luke's (Tony Geary) "Cowboy", now a private dick, was in the Arab playground investigating Brook's nefarious boyfriend and his corrupt family. When he realized who she was, he transported her out of the country and safely back to Port Charles.

Brook is far from out of danger, Lucky warns. Henchmen from the Arab mogul's powerful family were on their trail. 

Lulu balks at letting the woman who tried to break up her and Dante hide out at the Brownstone. She takes her Aunt Bobbie into her confidence.

Bobbie recalls how she let Luke and Laura move into the very same Brownstone with Lucky once. The Spencers had been on the run from Frank Smith's goons.

"Why can't she go to the Quartermaines?" Lulu wonders. 

Brook doesn't want her family to see her like this, broken, disheveled, still jonesing for her next fix. The Q's just lost AJ. She doesn't want them fretting over her. 

Lulu realizes why Lucky was drawn to her rival. He sees a kindred spirit. 

After ensuring Brook is at least temporarily safe with Dante and his sister, Lucky makes a beeline for Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and their boys. He's stunned to learn she's taken up with Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) again. What's worse, is Cameron lashes out at the father figure who abandoned him.

 After a round of accusations, snarking and almost fisticuffs, Lucky heads straight for The Haunted Star for Nathan's opening night. He's intrigued by the beautiful, seemingly-depressed woman he meets.

When he introduces himself as Lucky Spencer, Dr. Britt Westbourne's (Kelly Thiebaud) mind begins percolating on a game plan. She and Lucky Spencer have quite the common interest. 

Speaking of Britt, now that General Hospital's latest Chief of Staff, Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton) has fired her, she needs to find work.  Lucy bumps into Britt, carrying her box of personal belongings off the elevator at the hospital.

Ms. Coe is floored by how wonderful Britt smells. Britt tells her it's a homemade essence she mixed up in her bathroom. A little mint, a bit of orange zest.

Ever since her troubled childhood, mixing fragrances has been a hobby for Britt. She gave it up when she went to medical school, but recent life stressors have caused her to pick it back up. 

Intrigued, Lucy asks how many fragrances Britt has produced. "Oh dozens," Britt replies. 

Lucy sees dollar signs. Deception is back!

Brook apologizes to Lulu for her past sins. She asks for the woman's mercy. Dante reminds Lulu it was her own cousin Carly who put Brook Lynn up to drugging him. She's forgiven Carly, why not Brook Lynn?

Lulu leaves to clear her head. She makes her way to Kelly's. There she runs into Dillon Quartermaine (Josh Kelly). The A-list filmmaker is back in Port Charles to research his next blockbuster.

Lulu's ex-stepbrother and first baby daddy is hyped to tell the story of Luke and Laura's epic late 70's/early 80's adventures on the big screen. He wants Lulu to be a producer on what he is certain to be an Oscar-winning flick, The Left-Handed Boy