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Alright kids, grab your glasses and drink up on this tea we're about to serve up! Child, this actor on one daytime soap set should be grateful to be working at all. However, Mr. Thang acts like the soap he's on should be happy to have him — not the other way around!


Dude seriously thinks he's doing the sudser a favor, and feels the material is "beneath him".  Meanwhile, the soap is having a hard time getting a love triangle really percolating, because neither of this cat's leading ladies can stand him!

This sexy East Coast hunk is finally making the leap out west. Seems the stud with quite the royal surname wants to be where the action is.

Castmates of one soap hunk aren't afraid to poke fun at his penchant for worrying more about his biceps, than memorizing his lines.

A long backburnered, fan fave is ready for his or her close-up. Will upcoming exits make room for a more prominent role for the suds thesp?

One popular soap star, who left a soap in recent years, swears to his or her former bosses, he or she isn't interested in returning to the suds right now. However, the steamy star has been in talks with a rival daytime serial.

Industry insiders are worried about a rather toxic individual's attachment to what could be a promising new soap venture.

One star's body odor issues is driving the set of this soap opera cray-cray.

Creative control of one of our four favorite soap operas is up for grabs. Anytime the executive producer receives a less-than-sterling critique, he or she blames network interference. Meanwhile, the suits feel they have to step in, because of recent upheaval.

Additional reporting by Jamey Giddens