Perkie's Observations: Patrick Prays For His Son's Survival on General Hospital


Epiphany lets Sabrina know the baby is alive. She pulls Felix aside, and tells him he needs to be there for Sabrina. Sabrina wants to see her baby, and begs Felix to let her.


Carlos accuses Ava of running Sabrina off the road. Ava claims she wouldn’t hurt a pregnant woman, but then questions what Carlos told Franco.

Carlos swears he said nothing. Ava warns him to keep quiet, or Sabrina will pay.

Sonny tries to stop Morgan from saying anything to Olivia, but Morgan tells her Sonny destroyed his relationship with Ava. Olivia is pulled away.

Morgan and Sonny argue over whether Olivia should be told the truth. Sonny begs Morgan not to make Olivia pay for his mistake.

When Olivia returns, Morgan backs off and leaves. Sonny lies; saying Morgan is upset because he put a stop to the relationship.

Patrick prays for his son. Britt checks on him; Patrick thanks her for saving the baby.

Britt reassures him the hospital is state of the art. Everything is being done to save the baby.

Patrick asks Britt to level with him. She admits the baby has a 50/50 chance at survival. Patrick and Sabrina sit with the baby.

Michael wonders why Carlos would want to kill AJ. He asks Kiki to get the truth out of Ava.

Kiki doesn’t think her mother had anything to do with it. Whoever did it really hated AJ, she reasons.

As they’re leaving, Kiki finds an earring. Nathan updates Anna on the case. Britt denied causing the accident. He believes her.

Anna isn't so sure. Britt is an accomplished liar, raised by world class criminals, she persists. Anna wants Nathan to question her again.

Franco and Carly are desperate to tell Anna that Ava sent Carlos to kill AJ. Before they have a chance to say anything, Carlos asks to speak to Anna.

Carlos asks about Sabrina, but Anna wants him to talk first. Anna tells Nathan that Carlos confessed to killing AJ.

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