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Paging Dr. Hastings: How Neil's Nephew Could Spice Up The Winters Family on The Young and the Restless

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I wasn't thrilled by the idea of The Young and the Restless having commitment-phobe, legal eagle Leslie Michaelson (Angell Conwell) get married off screen to some nobody. "What's the point?!" I screamed, as Leslie told a heartbroken Neil (Kristoff St. John) she had married someone else — yet other off screen character to take away story from actual, beloved Genoa Citizens. Then word came Y&R was bringing Leslie's mysterious, new hubby to town. A casting call was placed for "Barton."


 A Daytime Confidential reader remarked to me on Twitter, "Why not make Leslie's husband Lil' Nate?" Why not indeed...

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Think of the endless drama to be mined from Neil discovering his nephew poached his woman? When we last saw the son of Dr. Olivia Barber Winters (Tonya Lee Williams) and deceased private eye Nathan Hastings (Adam Lazzare-White), he was doing essentially a hospital cameo in 2011.

Y&R could stand to take a page from baby sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, which has no shortage of steamy, familial triangles and quads. Sure, Y&R has embarked on a similar arc, with Neil and his adopted son Devon (Bryton James) both falling for reformed bad girl Hilary (Mishael Morgan), but imagine adding a Nate/Leslie pairing to the already complicated mix. I know I’d want to be a fly on the wall at the Winters’ next Kwanzaa celebration!

The Neil/Dru/Malcolm/Liv quadrangle drove story on Y&R for over a decade, hooking a whole new generation of viewers via the sordid stories of brother vs. brother and  sister vs. sister for the same romantic partners. What better way to grab new eyeballs, than to create an updated version of that now classic foursome?

There are some who will try to bring up race, as a way to shut down stories like this. They’ll cry, “Black people don’t do that sort of thing.”  To them I ask, what about America’s musical Jackson family dynasty? Randy and Jermaine shared a woman, who has children by both. Talk about a real-life soap.

Y&R is off to an amazing start with Neil/Hilary/Devon. Let’s ramp things up a bit, by bringing Nate back into the fold.