OPINION: Why Morgan Corinthos is The Only Character Left in Soaps With a Working B.S.-Ometer


Bryan Craig debuted as the new Morgan Corinthos in 2013. It was a bit of a shock seeing the character, which had last been portrayed as a preteen two years earlier, reappear as a college-age hottie. It wasn't a bad thing, as it allowed General Hospital to explore Morgan’s sizzling chemistry with the ladies of Port Charles. Usually, while he was shirtless.

Though he first appeared as just another soapy “hunk” character, it quickly became known Morgan wasn’t some brainless piece of meat — not with Craig in the role. Morgan refuses to live in a world of perpetual b.s. He sees the truth, and then promptly calls people on it.

Usually, soap characters are written as being too dim to ever pick up on the heavily-hinted dramatic clues playing out around them. An anvil could get dropped on most soap characters' heads, and they still wouldn't realize anything was amiss. This certainly isn't the case with Morgan.

When Morgan noticed his girlfriend Kiki (Kristen Alderson) and brother Michael (Chad Duell) were making googly eyes at one another, he called them out. When he saw them continue to do this—even after discovering they were supposedly cousins—he again spoke up.

When he overheard Ava (Maura West) lying to Silas (Michael Easton) about Kiki’s age, he realized Ava was doing it to dupe the doctor into believing she couldn’t be his daughter. Morgan confronted Ava, and she subsequently convinced him to keep quiet for the best interest of his relationship with Kiki.


Morgan was also forthright when confronting his family for treating him as Michael’s inferior. Parents aren’t supposed to have favorites, but Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) have always put Michael first, although they can’t even seem to realize it.

“You love Michael more than you love me," shouted an enraged Morgan after Sonny broke Morgan’s confidence about Kiki’s true parentage. "You always have!"

While Morgan subverts the “clueless” soap trope, he does have his blind spots. Number one is master manipulator Ava Jerome. Clearly starved for attention, Morgan liked how Kiki’s “cool mom” first took an interest.

Unfortunately, it was to use him. Ava wanted him secretly indebted to her online gambling goons, so she could ingratiate herself with Sonny. Morgan’s still never picked up on this, even as his relationship with Ava changed.


In Morgan's defense, Ava has her claws in large portion of the Port Charles residents — including Sonny. Post-manipulating Sonny into killing A.J. (Sean Kanan), Ava needed to ensure the mentally unstable mobster kept it together.

A grief-stricken Sonny was on the verge of confessing to Michael. Ava opened up to Sonny about her insecurities regarding her relationship with Morgan, to try and relate to him. Before you could say "Ghostbusters," Sonny and Ava were getting it on the Quartermaine Crypt.

Morgan was nearby, looking for Ava. She'd spied him in a clinch with Kiki and mistook what was happening. He wanted to explain there was nothing going on between him and her daughter.

Morgan heard her unsettled voice coming from the crypt. Ava and Sonny were probably relieved they’d gotten their clothes back on before Morgan entered the final resting place of one of soap's most beloved clans. Instantly, Morgan knew they had sex.

How many times has some cuckold walked in on the adulterous couple, and not realized what was right in front of his face? This wasn't so with Morgan. He knew what happened, knew they were lying, and immediately went off on his supposed loved ones for their betrayal. Craig doesn't have to worry about his Daytime Emmy reel for next season. He's got it in the bag, er, crypt.