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Perkie's Observations: Dr. Obrecht Bests The PCPD Yet Again on General Hospital

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Dr. Obrecht wants to know Madeline’s plan to be released from jail. Madeline isn’t interested in sharing. She does tell Liesl that Nathan knows the truth about Britt.


Lulu stops by to ask Liz and Nikolas to drop the charges against Dr. Obrecht. She explains about the missing embryo. Nikolas and Liz are angry Liesl is blackmailing everyone once again.

Dante asks Scott to drop the charges against Dr. Obrecht. Scott says he has an obligation to the other victims.

Dante explains about the missing embryo. Scott says he understands, having gone through something similar with Dominique. He tells Nikolas he’ll drop the charges, only if Liz and Nikolas agree.

Nathan tells Britt the police know she wasn’t responsible for the accident. He admits they are siblings and explains the connection to Liesl.

Luke picks up the briefcase of drug money from Julian, intending to launder it at ELQ. Julian tells him about Jordan, which upsets Luke.

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Julian says she has experience and can be trusted. Luke warns him not to let Jordan know Luke’s involvement.

Jordan and Shawn continue to argue about her working for the Jeromes. Jordan reminds him to keep quiet about her past. After she leaves, TJ wonders why they don’t get along and wishes they would.

Jordan gets to the gallery, and Luke flirts with her. After he leaves, she asks about the briefcase.

Julian tells her the money is being laundered. Jordan asks who’s doing the laundering, and whether she should handle it. Julian warns her to deal with her part of the operation only.

Luke runs into Shawn. He once again plants the seed of Ric being out to get Sonny.

Lulu tells Dante that Nikolas and Liz will drop the charges. Dante asks Liesl where the embryo is.

Nathan tells Madeline she’s being transferred to Riker’s to await trial. He gets angry she killed Nina. Madeline admits Nina isn’t dead.