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Perkie's Observations: Nina Clay Has a Great Awakening on General Hospital

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Dr. Obrecht wants her deal in writing. She refuses to give details about the embryo until she gets it.


Dante tells her if something goes wrong with the embryo, it nullifies their agreement. Liesl calls Victor to arrange the delivery of the embryo.

Madeline claims Nina is alive. She says she was in financial straits and Nina’s trust fund was untouched. She lied about Nina’s condition.

Nathan demands to know where Nina is. Madeline feels he’ll be better off not knowing any details. Madeline begs him not to tell Silas the truth.

Maxie wants to talk to Lulu and Dante, in hopes they’ll forgive her for her past mistakes. Levi is certain she’ll show them a changed person and they’ll give her a second chance.

Mac and Felicia arrive. Mac is not thrilled to meet Levi, especially when he finds out Levi is vegan.

Sam is sad for Patrick and Sabrina’s baby. Silas tells her the baby has a long road ahead of him, but survival isn't impossible with today’s technology.

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Britt tells Sabrina some of the baby’s tests show small improvement. The situation is still touch and go.

Victor stops by the hospital to let Patrick know Robin will be available by phone, if he wants to speak with her. Despite his situation, Robin has no intentions of leaving her work with Jason to return to him and Emma. Patrick angrily tells her not to bother coming home at all.

Liesl is angry to learn she will have to wear an ankle monitor, but is happy to see Nathan is the one fitting her for it.

Liesl wants them all to be one big happy family, something Nathan has no interest in. He asks about his father. Liesl says the father is not in the picture.

Maxie tells Lulu and Dante she learned a lot about herself, while she was away. She's truly sorry. Maxie asks their forgiveness, and hopes they can be friends again. Lulu accepts and the two hug.

Victor finds Lante and gives them the embryo.

Sam sits with Patrick.

Silas pays Madeline a visit. She swears he’ll never see, or hear from Nina again. Nina awakens from her coma.