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Perkie's Observations: Ava Jerome Experiences a Brother's Love on General Hospital

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Julian accuses Ava of betraying him, by feeding information to Sonny. Ava claims it was only a few items. She begs for her life.


Julian isn't giving the orders. He has to kill Ava, or he'll be killed.

Ned is surprised by all the cash on Luke’s desk. He thinks he’s embezzling from the company.

Tracy arrives; Luke claims the cash is his life's ill-gotten savings. He wants to invest in the company.

Tracy is thrilled by the gesture.She warns Ned to back off.

Ned doesn’t want to see her hurt. Tracy won’t hear it. She boots her son from ELQ.

Sabrina wonders why Carlos would confess to killing AJ. He lies, saying he shoot AJ.

Sabrina is furious. He swore on her son’s life he had nothing to do with AJ's death. She blames him for what happened to the baby.

Carly and Franco listen to the garbled recording on AJ's phone. They hear enough to realize AJ had something on Ava. They also hear Sonny shooting AJ.

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Franco wants to take the tape to Anna. Carly refuses. She won't send Sonny to jail, destroying her family.

Sonny tells Shawn what happened with Morgan and Ava. Olivia catches Morgan moving out of Sonny’s house. She tries to defend Sonny’s actions.

Morgan says his father destroyed something important. He took Ava away from Morgan.

After Morgan leaves, Alexis drops by. She tells Olivia about Ava cheating on Morgan with a mystery man.

Anna feels Carlos’s confession is too neat. She tells Duke she needs to find AJ’s phone.

She apologizes to Duke for not believing him when he provided Sonny with an alibi. Duke tells her the Jeromes are bringing drugs into the city.

Morgan arrives in time to knock Julian out. He's surprised Julian would actually kill his sister.

Ava explains Julian has a boss. She begs Morgan to see past what happened with Sonny, and asks him to go with her to the island. Morgan says he’s finished with both Ava and Sonny.

Julian comes to. Ava stops him from reaching his gun.

Sonny arrives home. Olivia confronts him about having sex with Ava.