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Top 5 Moments from Once Upon A Time's "Kansas"

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A cyclone and a character's "death" had everyone in Storybrooke wondering if there really is no place like home. Check out the Top 5 moments from Once Upon A Time's "Kansas".


Emma’s (Stupid) Sacrifice

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) got more than they bargained for, when they searched for Zelena (Rebecca Mader). The Wicked Witch surprised them, in the front yard of her home, with Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle). Zelena informed Emma she had to choose between keeping her magic, and Hook’s life.

Then, Zelena directed Rumpel to attack Hook. The pirate flew into a small pool of water. Rumpel held Hook under the water, as Emma attempted to save his life.

Zelena advised Emma to choose wisely and left. Emma finally pulled Hook from the water, but he wasn’t breathing. She believed she had no choice but to kiss Hook and save his life. She willingly gave up her power by kissing him, therefore leaving everyone else out of luck in the fight against Zelena. What a dumb move, Emma!


The Witches Of The Round Table

Glinda (Sunny Mabrey) thanked Zelena for revealing The Wizard’s true nature. She commented on Zelena’s great power, but felt she was wasting it on her foolish adventures. She invited her to meet her real sisters, and expound on her great power.

Glinda took Zelena to the heart of Oz; a round table with two other witches who represented Oz’s great powers. Together, the women were stronger than any magic in the land.

Glinda invited Zelena to complete the circle, and take her spot as the Witch of the West. She wanted Zelena to change her future and reclaim her innocence by joining the witches. Glinda, the keeper of records, revealed to Zelena a prophecy. It foretold a powerful witch, brought to Oz by cyclone, who will protect them. She believed the witch is Zelena.

Zelena returned to The Wizard’s castle, and stopped her constant watch of Regina training with Rumpel. Glinda appeared and congratulated Zelena on making a choice. She gave her a pendant, which will hold all of her magic, and welcomed her into the witches of the round table.


Dorothy Gale

A cyclone appeared out of nowhere while Zelena and Glinda explored theWwest. They investigated the aftermath, and pulled Dorothy Gale (Matreya Scarrwener) out of her destroyed house.

She explained her situation. Glinda gladly took the girl in. Zelena seethed with envy, while the other witches of the round table treated the young girl like a member of the family.

Zelena began to turn green again. Glinda confronted her. Zelena confessed she believed Dorothy would replace her as the Witch of the West.

Glinda advised Zelena to let it go, but she couldn’t. Zelena attempted to kill Dorothy with a fireball, while the girl retrieved water from a well. In response to the fireball, Dorothy tossed the water on Zelena and she melted.

Glinda showed up after the short battle, and informed Dorothy she was the witch in the prophecy. Dorothy declined taking the position. She wanted to go home.

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Glinda took her to the Wizard. He sent her home via some sparkly shoes.

Glinda asked the Wizard to show himself, but it was Zelena behind the curtain! She only pretended to melt to send Dorothy away. Zelena banished Glinda to The Enchanted Forest and continued her reign in Oz.


Good Timing

After the group discovered Regina (Lana Parrilla) had light magic, they formulated a plan for her to take down Zelena. Hook, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), Emma and Regina all interrupted Zelena’s spell to open a time travel portal.

Zelena ordered Rumpel to take them out. He knocked them around, but also advised them to steal the dagger from Zelena, in order to have power over him.

Zelena and Regina traded barbs for a bit; then Zelena lifted Regina into a Darth Vader chokehold. She was just about to kill her, when Regina activated her light magic.

She knocked Zelena clean across the room, and stole her magic pendant. Zelena was powerless.

Charming grabbed his newborn son, and Robin Hood snatched Regina’s heart back.

The time travel spell came to a screeching halt. Rumpel wanted to kill Zelena, but Regina wouldn’t let him. She believed killing her would negate everything they went through to defeat Zelena.  After all, heroes don’t kill.


Rumpelstiltskin’s Revenge

Rumpelstiltskin visited Zelena in jail with revenge on his mind. Zelena knew Rumpel couldn’t kill her, because Regina had his dagger.

Rumpel informed her Regina gave it to Belle, who gave it to him. He gave an identical dagger back to Belle (Emilie de Ravin), while he secretly kept the real one.

Zelena panicked when she saw Rumpel was in possession of The Dark One dagger. She begged Rumpel not to kill her, because she was powerless.

Zelena wanted to know why he would kill her in a defenseless state. Rumpel replied he promised Neal (Michael Raymond-James) his death would be avenged, and Zelena had to die in order for that to happen.

The Dark One stabbed Zelena with dagger, because Rumpelstiltskin never breaks a deal. Zelena changed into a porcelain glass figure; then broke into a million pieces.

The pieces disintegrated into a green smoke. The magic pendant in the chamber of hearts began to glow.

A green smoke erupted from the pendant and ended up in the same spot where the time travel spell was cast. Suddenly, a yellow and orange portal opened into the earth! It appeared the spell worked after all.