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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Dumps Ava Jerome's Crypt Keeper on General Hospital

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Julian claims he had no choice. He had to kill her. Ava is livid he would follow orders from the boss about killing his own sister.

 Shawn arrives and stops her from killing Julian. What if Danny gets sick again? Shawn reasons.

Julian informs Shawn that Ava was the one who shot Olivia. Ava admits it. She was gunning for Franco, as was Shawn at the time.

 Ava tells Shawn he can’t tell Sonny the truth. He has every intention of telling Sonny, until Ava warns him. If Shawn tells Sonny what she did, she’ll tell the police Sonny shot AJ.

Olivia demands to know the truth from Sonny. After some initial deflecting, he admits he had sex with Ava. He swears it was an accident.

Sonny says Ava is the only one who understands him, which infuriates Olivia. Olivia swears she’s finished with him.

Michael stops by ELQ to ask Luke for money. He wants to make a contribution at the Nurses' Ball in AJ’s name.

Luke points out Tracy is CEO, and wasn’t close with AJ. He promises to talk to her on Michael’s behalf.

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Morgan tells Kiki what happened with Ava and Sonny. Kiki is shocked. She commiserates with Morgan, but doesn’t think he should stay with Michael.

Kiki says Michael has been leaning on Sonny. He doesn’t need to know what their father did.

Morgan disagrees. Michael has a right to know who his father is.

Kiki feels Michael needs time to grieve. She begs Morgan to wait.

Anna is surprised to see Carly and Franco at the hospital. They tell her they searched everywhere, but didn’t find AJ’s phone.

Anna runs into Felix. He tells her Carly found the phone.

Carly and Franco continue to try and decipher the phone message. Anna calls, knowing they have the phone. The two decide to run off.

Mac complains about Levi’s influence over Maxie. She begs him to give Levi a chance.

Maxie is thrilled the Nurses' Ball is coming, but sad Robin won’t be with them. She understands Robin’s choice to leave.

Julian explains to Luke why Ava is still alive. Luke agrees not to kill Julian for now.

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