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Perkie's Observations: Obrecht Seizes Control of the Nurses' Ball on General Hospital

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Brad finds Britt moping, while watching the Nurses' Ball red carpet event on TV. He joins her commenting on the arrivals.


Spencer wants to know if Nikolas now plans on being with Elizabeth. Liz is heading to the ball with Ric. She tells Nik he should go to the ball. He has no interest in attending a gala.

Nathan questions whether Maxie has second thoughts about not going to the event. She still plans to spend her time with Levi.

Lucy admits to Felicia she misses Scott. She's glad Kevin never found out the truth. Kevin overhears and wonders what she’s keeping from him. Felicia improvises and says Lucy has a planned number in his honor.

Shawn wonders why Sonny isn’t going to the ball with Olivia. Sonny tells him about having sex with Ava. Shawn tells him to go to the event and fight to win Olivia back.

Levi isn’t happy with Maxie watching the red carpet. He reminds her the money could be spent better.

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Sam and Silas, Alexis and Julian, TJ and Molly, Shawn and Jordan, Tracy and Luke all arrive for the ball. Olivia arrives alone, but grabs Ned’s arm.

Sonny interrupts. Olivia angrily questions whether he wants his dirty laundry aired on television. Dante and Lulu drag them away.

Felix and Lucas arrive at the same time and walk the red carpet together. Brad watches from home.

Liz and Ric arrive, followed by Anna and Duke. Anna lets reporters know Robin is off on a humanitarian mission.

Kevin and Lucy walk the carpet. She’s unhappy to see Bobbie on Scott’s arm.

Nathan tells Felicia that Maxie won’t be coming. Levi realizes how Maxie feels about the ball, and suggests they go.

Olivia calls Sonny a two-timing low life. Dante is angry with his father for cheating on his mother.

Lucy makes her opening speech. She announces the first number. The nurses are interrupted by Liesl, who has her own cabaret act.