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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Gets Player to Sing "Baby Come Back" to Emma on General Hospital

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The Nurses' Ball continues with a number from Maxie, Kiki, Sam, Molly and Lulu aka The Haunted Starlets. Sonny tries to talk to Olivia, who wants nothing to do with him.


Brad sings a song to get Lucas back. Lucas doesn’t believe in second chances.

Mac trots out the dummy. He tells a few corny jokes, before Epiphany angrily end the act by stomping the doll to the floor.

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Spencer is thrilled to see Britt; Nikolas less so. Spencer interrupts Cameron and Emma’s tango to bring on Player featuring The Bold and the Beautiful alum Ronn Moss.

They perform "Baby Come Back" for Emma. It turns out Grandma Lesley is a friend of the band.

Ned informs Luke and Tracy he had Luke fired from ELQ. The move was possible, thanks to the board ousting Tracy as CEO. Michael announces he’s her replacement.

Ric begs Liz for a second chance, as Britt begs Nikolas for one. Brad grabs Lucas for a kiss. Scott wants Lucy to reconsider her choice and pick him.

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