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Perkie's Observations: A Mutter Reaches Out to Her Kinder on General Hospital

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Lucas is upset about Brad's kiss. He claims he and Felix are an item.


Nikolas walks away from Britt. He tells her he can’t get past her lying. It’s too risky to try to build any trust with her.

Spencer begs Emma’s forgiveness. She accepts, but tells him she’s with Cameron now. Liz accepts Ric’s offer of a second chance.

Scotty feels Lucy belongs with him — she made a mistake when she chose Kevin. He tells her to say she wants him.

Lucy admits she does and they kiss, as the curtain goes up to an astonished crowd. Lucy claims it was all a joke, but Kevin storms out.

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Kevin demands to know how long she’s been cheating. Lucy accuses him of not being there for her. She claims she broke it off a month ago, because she chose him. Kevin questions who she chose when she was on stage.

Felix takes over hosting duties. Molly and TJ perform, as does Emma.

Britt and Nathan share a sibling moment, until Liesl interrupts. She asks why Britt isn’t more grateful she received immunity, thanks to her mother.

Britt says it doesn’t make up for all the years of insults. Britt questions why Nathan was given away. Liesl sings a song dedicated to her children.

Scott tells Lucy they can be together, now that their affair is out in the open. Lucy says she destroyed her marriage and wants nothing to do with Scott. Mac comforts Kevin, as Felicia comforts Lucy.

In the NICU, baby Drake takes a turn for the worst. The doctor tells Sabrina and Patrick they may have brought in an infection from the outside, and tells them to leave. Epiphany closes the show. Emma and others join Sabrina and Patrick at the hospital.