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Perkie's Observations: Lucy Has Some 'Splaining to Do on General Hospital

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Felicia is escorting Lucy out of the hotel, when they’re stopped by an angry Bobbie. Bobbie accuses Lucy of stringing Scotty along, then getting jealous of his time at the ball with Bobbie.

Lucy brings up Noah cheating on Bobbie and the two start fighting. Felicia breaks them up, but not before the photographer gets a shot. Felicia convinces them not to use the photo.


She promises she’ll always have Lucy’s back. Kevin is angry Lucy has been cheating on him for months, and Felicia knew and didn’t say anything.  Kevin realizes Mac knew and gets angry with him as well.

Scotty arrives. He and Kevin argue, then the shrink punches Scotty in the face.

After Scotty leaves, Kevin starts a fight with Mac. Later, Mac apologizes and Kevin accepts.

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