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Will Chloe Have Any Marbles Left When She Exits Genoa City on Y&R?

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Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) just doesn't seem to understand — no means no! The Young and the Restless fans are getting a front row seat to the fashionista losing her grip on reality.

Chloe tried to get Billy (David Tom), buzzing on an aphrodisiac, to impregnate her. The misguided, grieving mom desperately wants to replace their late daughter Delia.

Even though Billy keeps turning Chloe down, it hasn't stopped her from continuing to plot and scheme to have him give up his “essence”. As painful as it must be to lose a child, hasn’t Chloe learned she can’t replicate what she had before?

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No matter how much she tries to convince everyone around her, Chloe isn’t mentally stable enough to raise a cactus at the moment, let alone another person! Here's hoping the intervention Billy stages in the coming episodes takes. Until then, watch the recap video after the jump!

Do you think Chloe has gone too far this time? Sound off in the comments below!