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Eww: Carly and Franco Join The Mile-High Club on General Hospital (VIDEO)

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General Hospital’s Carly (Laura Wright) and Franco (Roger Howarth) are a pair that often divides fans. Are they a couple you can’t help but ship, or is it a creepy deal breaker that Carly is now involved with the man who tormented her loved ones for so long?


This week on the ABC Daytime soap, Franco convinced Carly to join the “Mile-High Club.” After several mishaps (nosy stewardesses and pushy passengers with “emergencies”) the pair finally got to consummate in the skies.

The duo skipped town to figure out if a cell phone held any clues in AJ Quatermaine's (Sean Kanan) fishy murder. Shouldn't they have been focusing on how all roads lead back to Ava Jerome (Maura West), as opposed to soiling a First Class lavatory? Let's hope someone rescinds their frequent flyer miles. Watch Franco give Carly a yuck-gasm after the jump!

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