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Perkie's Observations: As One Gangster Talks About Getting Out, Two Others Face Off on General Hospital

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Julian and Alexis are happy to wake up together, until Alexis tells him he should leave the business. Julian says it’s his life. He’s worked hard to build it up.


Alexis is certain she can help him get out, until he tells her he reports to someone. Alexis says to pay him off. Julian claims he can’t just walk away from the mob.

Alexis wants to know who the partner is. Julian warns it would put her life in danger.

Tracy wonders why she and Luke didn’t consummate their marriage. He’s more upset about Michael betraying her.

Tracy assures him she’ll work to get her position at ELQ back, but it will take time. Tracy is actually proud Ned pulled this off.

Dante is upset Sonny cheated on Olivia. He swears to Lulu he isn’t like his father. He promises he’ll never do that to her.

Anna arrives. She lets them know the DNA results show the embryo is theirs.

Anna reassures them the deal they made with Liesl was the right thing to do. Lulu wonders how long they should wait before using the embryo.

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Dante reminds her they need to find a new surrogate. Lulu says she wouldn’t be able to trust anyone and says she can carry the baby.

Duke tells Sonny about the ELQ takeover. He also tells him about a Jerome shipment coming in. He has all the proof on a hard drive. Duke thinks they should work with Anna.

Kiki questions Michael’s seriousness regarding the position at ELQ. Michael says working for ELQ was AJ’s dream. He wonders what the point is, if he can’t share this with his father.

Kiki tells Michael to make it work in honor of AJ’s memory. Make AJ's life count for something good.

Tracy arrives to complain the takeover is not in the best interest of the company. Michael insists Luke is playing her.

Kiki tells Tracy about Luke attacking her. Tracy refuses to believe her. Michael warns Luke has crossed a line.

Jordan gives TJ a car for graduation. Shawn wonders if she paid for it with drug money.

Duke gives Anna the hard drive. There is enough information to put Julian away. Anna wants Duke to walk away from Sonny.

Luke runs into Sonny. He's upset about Michael’s takeover.

Luke instructs Sonny to encourage Michael to turn the Quartermaine empire back over to Tracy. He then warns Sonny to keep an eye on Michael. Sonny is certain he can protect his son.