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Perkie's Observations: Elizabeth Rebuffs Nikolas on General Hospital!

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Julian meets with Luke and tells him that he wants out of the life.  Luke wonders what’s changed after so many years working together.  Julian says he has loved ones to consider now and wants to go legit. 

Luke says he needs Julian’s company, because he no longer has ELQ and that he’s not letting Julian out.  Julian says Jordan is capable and he’s walking away.  Luke says there are consequences, but Julian says he’ll reveal Luke’s identity.

Julian says he doesn’t want a war, he just wants out.  The two shake on it, but after Julian leaves, Luke is determined to have his way. 

Alexis tells Ric that he needs to let Julian out of the business, but Ric swears on Molly’s life that he isn’t Julian’s boss.  He says Liz has given him a second chance and he’s not going to ruin it.  Alexis believes him and wonders who Julian's boss is. 

Alexis admits she feels strongly about Julian. Ric wishes her the best. 

Nikolas confronts Liz about moving out of Wyndemere without telling him.  She appreciates what he’s done for her, but needs to leave in order to give her relationship with Ric another try.  Nik thinks she’s making a big mistake and reminds her of Ric’s past deeds. 

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Liz feels she knows exactly who Ric is and that they once loved each other and can again.  Nik says he loves her and kisses her.  Liz pulls back and tells him never to do that again.  She reminds him that he chose Britt which makes her rebound girl and they’ll never be together.

Liz says the timing is never right between them and she’s done by choosing Ric.  She says it’s the best thing, despite Nik’s objections. 

Dante reminds Lulu that she can’t carry a baby to term, but Lulu says she’s done research and that with surgery, she may have a chance.  She’s willing to do whatever it takes, despite Dante’s objections that it would be too risky. 

Duke tells Sonny that he gave Anna the information to take down the Jeromes. Sonny’s happy, but Shawn isn’t, saying they don’t work with the police.  Sonny feels this is the only move to get rid of Julian. 

Shawn tells Duke that if the police come in, Jordan will get caught and TJ will lose his mother.  Duke says Julian has done enough damage to his family and tells Shawn not to warn Jordan that the police are ready.  He warns that Sonny will not be happy. 

TJ overhears Jordan talking about a shipment from Columbia.  She covers by saying they’re vases for the gallery.  TJ’s happy for his mother’s success. 

Shawn shows up at the gallery.

Luke arrives at Alexis’ house, gun in hand.