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Perkie's Observations: Julian Plans a Big Announcement on General Hospital

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Luke asks Alexis if she and Julian are serious. He says he cares about her and worries she may be caught in the crossfire between Julian and Sonny.


Alexis tells him she asked Julian to quit the mob. Luke points out it’s difficult to walk away clean.

Luke mentions Julian’s backer. He claims it's Ric. Alexis says Ric swears he isn't the big boss.

Luke pulls out a gun, just as TJ arrives. Luke is forced to make small talk.

Lucas is visiting Sam and Danny when Julian arrives. He asks them to join him for dinner at the gallery. He has a big announcement for them.

Duke tells Sonny about Shawn wanting to protect Jordan. He’s worried Shawn will warn Jordan of the impending bust.

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Shawn questions Jordan. She insists she's dealing in art, not drugs. Julian arrives before Shawn can tell Jordan anything.

Silas receives flowers at work, with a note that reads “I miss you, love me”. He assumes they are from Sam.

He heads over to see Sam. She tells him the flowers are not from her, before telling him about dinner with Julian.

Felix is upset with Lucas for lying to Brad about them being a couple. Lucas apologizes. He asks Felix to go to the dinner with him.

Shawn meets with Sonny. He admits he wanted to tell Jordan, but didn’t. He agrees with Duke. The plan is to take Julian down.

Jordan tells Julian everything is set for the delivery. Julian says he’s no longer part of the deal. He quit.

He says he did it for his family. Jordan wonders who she answers to now. Julian says she’ll find out when it’s necessary.

Julian warns her to be careful of the boss. Luke calls someone and tells him about Julian’s dinner party.