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Why B&B's Liam/Hope/Wyatt is Soap Opera's Most Disrespectful Triangle

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It’s May and I’m already giving Hope Logan (Kim Matula) on The Bold and the Beautiful my Glittery Hoo-Hoo of The Year Award. She managed to get two men to agree to date her at the same time!

Keep in mind, Hope was already exclusively dating Wyatt (Darin Brooks) before Liam (Scott Clifton) decided to propose the community dating idea. Wyatt, Boyfriend #1, doesn’t like the idea, but wants to give Hope time to decide which man she wants to be with.

The first thing Wyatt need to do is punch Liam, Boyfriend #2, in the throat. What kind of self-respecting man lets his girlfriend’s ex come back into the picture and suggest to share her?

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Clearly, Wyatt doesn’t respect himself or his relationship, because he agreed to share his girlfriend with her ex. Liam is just like his father. He doesn’t care about anyone’s happiness but his own.

Sure, Liam claims he loves Hope so much, but it seems he’s forgotten about all the drama that went down with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Hope has me convinced she doesn’t love herself, because she’s willing to “share” herself with two men at the same time.

Overall, the disrespect in this triangle has reached gigantic proportions, and it needs to be put out of its misery.

What do you think about this disrespectful triangle?