The Scandal Effect: Networks Add Multiple D.C.-Set Dramas


ABC’s Scandal is arguably one of the biggest political dramas to hit network television in years. Its success has prompted other networks to jump onto the political drama-with-a-female-lead bandwagon. It’s being called The Scandal Effect.

For the fall of 2014, NBC and CBS are set to premiere two Washington D.C. dramas entitled State and Affairs and Madam Secretary respectively.

On NBC’s State of Affairs, Charleston “Charlie” Tucker (Katherine Heigl) is a top CIA analyst who compiles President Constance Payton’s (Alfre Woodard) daily briefings, and serves as her close confidant. Charlie and President Payton also share history. Charlie was supposed to marry the president’s son, before he was killed in a terrorist attack. While serving the country to the best of their ability, they are on a mission to find out who was behind the attack.

Charlie balances her stressful professional life with quite the outgoing personal life, all in an attempt to battle her heartache over losing the man she loved.

CBS is diving into D.C. dirt with Madam Secretary, which is executive produced by Morgan Freeman. Tea Leoni portrays former  CIA agent Elizabeth McCord, who is tapped to fill the role of Secretary of State.

 Elizabeth is an intelligent, no nonsense type of woman, who is willing to play dirty when necessary. However, her attitude takes a whole different turn when she goes home to her husband Henry McCord (Tim Daly) and their teenage children.

It’s clear both women channel their inner Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) from the promos for both shows below!