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Perkie's Observations: Franco and Carly Need Spinelli's Help on General Hospital

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Anna and Dante are on stakeout; waiting for Julian’s shipment to come in. They are surprised when they spot Jordan and not Julian organizing it.


Jordan tells her men to be ready. Julian isn't coming. He’s no longer in charge. She them not to disappoint their new boss.

Julian waits for everyone to arrive, then announces he’s going legit. Family means everything to him now. 

Alexis is happy. She mentions Luke stopped by and was concerned about retaliation. Julian reassures her he will do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Luke hires a goon to take out one of Julian’s family members at the dinner. He shows Harry photos of Alexis, Sam and Lucas and tells him to pick one to kill.

Lulu arrives. Luke is forced to introduce Harry as his travel agent. He claims he’s planning something special for Tracy.

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Maxie gets a court summons. It’s been six months and her custody case is being reviewed.

She explains to Nathan about losing Georgie. She says she isn't going to court.

Maxie claims she's made peace with Spinelli and Ellie having Georgie. Nathan says she’s simply trying to convince herself she doesn’t care. After Nathan leaves, Maxie gets the letter back out of the garbage and finds Georgie’s photo.

Carly and Franco arrive at Spinelli’s door, looking for help with AJ’s phone. Neither Spinelli nor Ellie are thrilled to see Franco. Spinelli agrees to help them, once he learns they’re trying to get the goods on Ava.

Spinelli asks Carly about Maxie. He’s surprised he hasn’t heard from her, seeing as the case is being reviewed. He fixes the audio on AJ’s phone.

Lulu tells Luke that Dante got a tip about Julian’s shipment and will take them down. Luke gets upset.Lulu wonders why.

Luke claims he’s upset on behalf of Lucas. His nephew will be disappointed if Julian is arrested.

Dante finds out Julian is at the gallery. Anna heads there to arrest him, while Dante and Nathan bust Jordan and her men. Harry steps out of his hiding spot in the gallery and fires a shot.