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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Isn't a Dope Dealer, She's DEA on General Hospital

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One of the Jerome men takes a shot at the police. The cops fire back. Jordan and the rest of the men are placed under arrest.

Harry shoots Lucas in the chest and takes off.  Sam goes after him, while Felix and Silas work on Lucas.

Anna arrives to arrest Julian. She is surprised by what’s happened, but still determined to take Julian in.

Ava calls Sonny to check in. He tells her about the bust on Julian’s shipment. Once Julian is taken down, Ava can return. 

Morgan arrives. He gets angry when he hears Ava is down on the island. 

Sonny says he sent her there to protect her from Julian. Morgan wants to know why Sonny and Ava would have sex and ruin everything for him.  When Sonny doesn’t give him the answer he wants to hear, Morgan storms off.

Shawn tells TJ about Jordan being arrested for dealing drugs. TJ remembers overhearing Jordan talking of a shipment. He realizes Shawn is telling the truth. 

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TJ wonders why Shawn didn’t warn Jordan. He accuses him of being more loyal to Sonny.

Carly stops Spinelli from listening to the recording. She asks for privacy to listen to it. 

She and Franco listen to the tape. They hear AJ saying Ava killed Connie.

Harry tells Luke he shot Lucas and promises to head out of town.  Luke asks for the gun and proceeds to kill Harry.

Julian claims he’s no longer in charge. The shipment wasn’t his.

Sam and Alexis back him up. Anna isn't  buying it. She places Julian under arrest.

Shawn lets Sonny know the bust happened. Both Jordan and Julian were picked up.  Sonny calls Ava and lets her know it’s safe to come home.

TJ makes his way to the pier to see for himself.  He tells his mother he’s done with her.

Lucas is takien to the hospital and prepped for surgery.  Felix promises to stay by his side.

Jordan asks to speak with Anna. She tells her she’s an undercover DEA agent.