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Perkie's Observations: Ned's Life is in Danger on General Hospital

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Anna doesn’t believe Jordan’s story that she’s a DEA agent. She would have been given a heads up. Jordan says she wasn’t informed because of her involvement with Duke. Anna can’t be trusted. Anna calls Jordan’s superior and is not happy with what he tells her.

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Jordan tells her Julian is not the head of the organization. She’s been trying to get the guy above him.

Jordan explains about someone buying out Barrett Enterprises and funneling the money into Derek Wells Media. Anna says they can salvage the investigation, if she brings Jordan in and makes her look like the heir apparent.

Julian is brought into the PCPD, despite his protests that he needs to get to the hospital to check on Lucas. Julian blames himself for thinking he could walk away from the business.

Alexis wants him to identify his boss. Julian is worried she could be next. Lucas was a message. Julian can’t get out of the mob.

Nathan brings Harry's body to the hospital. Sam and Silas identify him as the shooter.

Sam is certain the hit was professional. Nathan wonders if Sonny could be behind it.

Sam doesn’t believe this. Lucas is Carly’s brother.

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Nathan asks about other enemies. Sam tells him Julian was trying to get out of the business. Someone had a problem with that.

Sonny tells Duke the bust went down and Julian was picked up. Duke says he can no longer work for Sonny.

Sonny offers him a position in the legitimate side, but Duke wants to move on. Duke says he enjoyed working for Sonny, but wants it to end.

Sonny is worried about what Duke knows. Duke promises to say nothing. The two share a drink and Sonny wishes him well.

TJ tells Molly about his mother getting arrested. She’s been lying for years and dealing drugs, he complains.

When Luke gets home, Ned continues to needle him. Luke pulls a gun on him.

Ned is shocked when Luke says he can kill Ned and make it look like a suicide. Tracy walks in. Luke claims he was surprised by Ned and pulled the gun.

Ned says Luke is lying. He planned to kill him.

Luke insists Ned is trying to come between him and Tracy. Ned thinks Luke is trying to isolate his mother. He begs her not to let Luke take her down. Tracy tells Ned to leave.

Ric and Liz are on a date. He tells Liz about Alexis suspecting he’s Julian’s backer. He swears he isn’t. Anna brings Jordan into the station under her pretense.

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