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Why General Hospital's Younger Set Needs a Bisexual Male Character

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General Hospital
’s young set could use more action.  The quickest way to do this is introducing a new 20-something, who’s a relative of no one, so he could potentially date the most possible people.  Also, he should be bisexual.

Right now, there’s Michael (Chad Duell) and Morgan (Bryan Craig), who are brothers.  Kiki (Kristen Alderson) is the only young woman who’s a viable dating option. Morgan had a hot cougar romance with Ava (Maura West). However, things didn’t work out and he’s once again single.

In the slightly older age bracket, there’s Lucas (Ryan Carnes), who’s related to two main families in Port Charles; and his love interests, Brad (Parry Shen) and Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel).  Lucas and Brad have already dated, and now there might be something happening with Felix.  Previously, Felix and Brad went nowhere for a year.

All of these gorgeous young people need a wider pool to date from. If the show brings on a new, bisexual, male character, he could be a love interest for all of the above, sans Michael. Besides dating partners, the aforementioned characters are also pretty barren in the friends department.  In the past, at least Michael and Felix have been shown to be chummy (although the nosy nurse is friendlier with Michael’s mom, Carly, played by Laura Wright).

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Morgan, on the other hand, has no one.  Frequently at odds with his family members since his return, he’s had nobody to turn to. After his most recent crisis—finding out his dad slept with his girlfriend in a crypt—a distraught Morgan turned to the ex-wife who left him for his brother. Considering she is also the daughter of his ex, that convo had to be a bit awkward!

Morgan needs a friend.  The best way to do this is playing on Morgan’s off-screen history. In order to keep him safe, Morgan was sent to boarding school when he was younger.  Even though it’s cliché, boarding school often means same-sex hooking up.  What if Morgan had a "friend with benefits" at school?


Morgan definitely likes women, but a little bisexuality in his back story would appeal to young viewers.  Since this is still a soap, maybe there could be a storyline down the way with Morgan’s friend dealing with unrequited feelings. The young Port Charles players need more choices when it comes to lovers and friends. A new bisexual hitting town would be a good start.

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