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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chloe Says Goodbye to Genoa City

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Chloe: Say Bon Voyage to the fashionista. Chloe decides to head to a mental health facility in California. Kevin, Billy and the Baldwins meet up with the grief-stricken mother to say their goodbyes. While speaking to Billy, Chloe finally tells him she doesn’t hold him responsible for their daughter’s death. She tells him to watch over Connor and Chelsea.

Chloe is a bit gutted as she’s saying her farewell to her loved ones, Chelsea isn’t among them. As Chloe is about to leave, Chelsea arrives and the two have a heartfelt moment. Meanwhile, Chloe is still keeping a secret that may have dire consequences.

Cane: The Aussie con-man sets up a scavenger hunt for Lily’s birthday.

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Colin/Jill: The two become greatly at odds.

Nick: The Newman playboy is convinced Mariah is still hustling Sharon.

Victor/Ian/Dylan: The creepy Svengali goes to Newman Enterprises and implores The Black Knight to bury the hatchet. Victor being well, Victor just ain’t trying to go down that path and tells him where he can go. Ian then switches gears and tries to offer up some key bit of information regarding the Newmans, but for a price.  Victor tosses Ian’s sorry behind out of his office, but not before he slickly installs a bug in Victor’s office!  Has Victor met his match?

Later, Victor meets with Dylan, where the two discuss dealing with Ian. The pair are not about to let the “scary” cult leader continue to harass Nikki and their loved ones. Victor gives Dylan money for Ian’s ex-wife and instructs him to get the intel she wanted to offer up. Meanwhille, Nikki starts to figure out her son and estranged husband are in cahoots to bring Ian down and isn’t thrilled by the idea. The socialite is scared something terrible will happen. Will Nikki’s fears become a reality?

Avery: The legal vixen has a heated showdown with Ian over the mean internet comments and who's stalking her.

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