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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Demands a Divorce on General Hospital

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Franco wonders if Carly will give Anna the recording, but Carly’s worried about Sonny’s part in it.  She’s certain that if Ava is arrested, she’ll turn on Sonny.  Franco feels it would be Ava’s word against Sonny. However, Carly thinks the better idea is to give the tape to Sonny.

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Franco points out that Sonny would kill Ava, but Carly doesn’t care since Ava set everything in motion.  Franco doesn’t want Kiki hurt.  Carly says Sonny thinks he owes Ava and she could do some damage.

Shawn gives Sonny an update on TJ.  Sonny tells him that with Julian in jail, Ava can come home.  Shawn tells Sonny that Julian told him that Ava was the one who shot Olivia.  Shawn says Ava warned she would rat out Sonny.

Jordan wants Julian to tell her who the boss is, but Julian refuses.  Julian demands a phone call.  TJ stops by to see his mother.  He hands her the title to the car, saying he doesn’t want something bought with drug money.  TJ accuses Jordan of being a criminal.

Jordan explains that she fell apart when TJ’s father died and needed the money, but got caught.  TJ accuses her of not learning from the first mistake and getting back in a second time.

Scott and Anna discuss prosecuting Julian and that the shooter was found dead.  Julian is brought up for his phone call and asks to speak with Scotty alone.  Julian reminds Scott that he owes him for helping Scott win the election.

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Scott says he’s not letting Julian walk, but Julian persuades him to let him out.

Luke goes into Lucas’ room with the intent to finish him off.  Bobbie arrives and blames Julian for what happened.  Luke tries to have Bobbie leave, but she insists on sitting with Lucas.

Kevin meets with Lucy, who thinks they’re getting back together. She gets upset when Kevin announces that he wants to divorce her.  Lucy begs him saying she wants to start over and that she loves him.

Kevin asks if she also loves Scott. Lucy admits that she does.  Kevin decides he’s getting the divorce and storms out.  Lucy runs out after him and runs into Scott.  She blames him.

Alexis stops by the hospital and admits to Luke that he warned her that someone would retaliate.  Alexis wants Julian to name names, but Luke feels that would make things worse.

Franco stops by the PCPD to give Anna AJ’s phone, now that the conversation has been removed from it.

Jordan complains to Anna that she has sacrificed her child to get to the head of Jerome family.  Anna realizes that Julian isn’t in his cell.

Carly interrupts Shawn and Sonny and says she has something to tell Sonny about Connie.  She plays him the recording.

Luke convinces Alexis to take Bobbie to the cafeteria.  He tries to kill Lucas again, as Julian arrives.